The Organic Cookhouse – Organic Food at your doorstep! — Reviewed

What: The Organic Cookhouse (Health food delivery)
Where: Model Colony (Delivered all over Pune)
Cost: Rs.400 approx for per person
Contact:+91 7989806768, +91 9970940778

Organic food is new fad in the market. Everyone wants to eat clean..Why not!? Well, 'organic' means grown without using chemicals. Some of the places delivering salads include Salad Grills, The Green Chef Pune and so on. One of the places in Pune serving the chemical-free/organic food is The Organic Cookhouse. This delivery-only place is based in Model Colony and is owned by a passionate health freak – Ms. Rajkunwar Belsare. The menu ranges from Breakfast to healthy Salads to comfort Soups to hearty Fit Meals and various Juices for weight-loss, detox or diabetes.

Recently, The Organic Cookhouse have included couple of dishes. I have tried following from the new menu...
  • Quinoa Chilli Box
  • Tofu Salad Box
  • Super Skin Glow Smoothie
Love Quinoa in any form and the best is salad. Started my meal with the spicy Quinoa Chilli Box which had Quinoa, green chillies, boiled red kidney beans and topped with grated cheese. Those who think salads can be bland, this one is for you. Spicy food lovers will definitely enjoy this box.

Next was the power packed protein rich Tofu Salad Box. The tofu was grilled to perfection and laid on the bed of veggies like bell peppers, tomato and cucumbers. The dressing was pre-mixed, however I wished it was provided in a separate box. Otherwise, this box was yummy too.

Nicely packed Super Skin Glow Smoothie had all the goodness of Papaya, Apple, Cucumber and Aloe Vera Juice. It was thick and had some tingling sensation after first sip (may be because of the aloe vera). It is good for skin and is far better than those 'chemicals'.

Overall, the Organic Cookhouse does served some healthylicious dishes, I wish they expand their menu more. However, a couple of suggestions ....
  • Grilled Bread tastes better
  • Seasoning should be separate
  • Addition of more fruit based dishes
  • More flavours/combo of veggies should be tried

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Spring Onion, Baner – Eat guilt-free Chinese! — Reviewed!

Spring Onion is an established name in oriental cuisine. Their USP which makes them stand out is – "No Aji No Moto". Owned by former Ranji Trophy Cricketer, Mr. Anand Yalvigi, Spring Onion, has a couple of outlets in Mumbai and Pune. I visited the Baner outlet in Pune which is around six months old. The place is divided into two seating sections – Downstairs and Upstairs. One needs to watch the head-space while opting for the upstairs section. The whole interior is done on the theme of spring onion – green and white, quite classic and subtle. Walls are adorned with the food photo frames.

The menu is quite extensive but focused on Chinese and Thai. Some of the most popular dishes are Momos, Dumplings, Noodles, Thai Curry, and Brownie. I asked Mr. Anand to serve us his signatures, and yes I was pretty excited about it. He shared with us around 30+ in-house sauces, dips and chutneys. OMG! Some of them were mind-blowing. I loved the freshness, flavour, and aroma of those accompaniments.They go well with the dishes served. Also, unlike other restaurants, dishes served here do not have bulk of garlic or ginger. Quite subtle flavours.

Coming on to the signature dishes we tried...
  • Tom Kha Soup (4.5/5)
  • Paneer Burnt Coriander Dry (3/5)
  • Baby Corn Mushroom Salt and pepper (3.5/5)
  • Teppanyaki Noodles (4/5)
  • Ming Rice (4/5)
  • Chilli Basil Sauce (3.5/5)
  • Hakka Sauce (4/5)
  • Hot Chocolate Rolls (2/5)
Started our lunch meal with the Tom Kha Soup. The thick, rich, creamy coconut broth had intense and aromatic flavours. The texture and the consistency were just bang on! I loved the strong coconut flavor. This soup was one of the best soups I had in recent times. A must-have! Highly Recommended!

Next was the Paneer Burnt Coriander Dry. This recipe has a funny story behind it as how it was developed accidentally! I wish it had more flavour of the burnt coriander and the paneer was crispy fried so that the crunch, spice, and texture were balanced. Given the feedback and they promptly noted the concerns. Liked the acceptance of feedback.

Baby Corn, Mushroom with Salt and Pepper was the next dish on our table and it was super yumm. Baby Corns and Mushrooms were perfectly coated, fried and sauteed with onions and peppers. Loved the balanced taste of sweet, spicy, and tangy along with the crispiness. A must try!

The main course started with the Teppanyaki Noodles, Ming Rice with Chilli Basil Sauce and Haka Sauce. What a wonderful spread it was! Freshly sizzling Teppanyaki Noodles were scrumptious and went well with the Haka sauce. The USP? Haka Sauce too was prepared in-house by Mr. Anand and it was of perfect consistency even after some time, otherwise, normally the sauce tends to get thicker, but this one was a bomb.

Ming rice was nicely cooked and to add the spiciness and more flavours, I combined it with the Chilli Basil Sauce. It was hottt! The addition of green chillies in the sauce uplifted the spice level. Do mix it only if you are a spicy-food lover like me. Again, the texture and consistency of Chilli Basil Sauce were perfect! I wish it had more of basil. Nonetheless, Ming Rice and Sauce paired well.

Lastly, wanted to try something from the handful options of desserts and Hot chocolate rolls seemed interesting. The wanton sheets were stuffed with brownie, deep fried and drizzled with chocolate. Somehow it did not interest me as I found it bit bland. May be I had a different visual of that dish and wishing to had loads of chocolate into it. I could have stick to Brownie! :)
Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Service was good too. I will soon visit the other outlet and try couple of more dishes. Share with me your favourite dish you have tried at Spring Onion. Enjoy some more shots...

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Breakfast on the go – Food Fuel 2.0, Baner – Double the choice! — Reviewed!

We all are aware about how important it is to kick start your mornings with healthy yet scrumptious breakfast! The habit of having breakfast sets the tone for the day and gives the much needed energy. Let me admit how many of us actually prepare the gourmet breakfast daily? Isn't it limited to butter-toast, bowl of cereals-muesli or a granola bar on the run.

We all want the hot, fresh breakfast in the bed or on the table while we are getting ready. Problem? Busy Mornings! We hardly can spare a minute in the super busy morning schedule but also we want hearty breakfast. When life is busy, Food Fuel is a saver. That's the place serving hot and fresh breakfasts since 6 in the mornings. Yes!! Now, you can sleep peacefully for few more minutes as there is no hassle to prepare your favourite plate of goodness.

I saw the menu of Food Fuel, and trust me one can order a box per day and still you will get a different scrumptious dish everyday atleast for a month! Currently they are having two kitchens — Vadgaon Sheri and the other is in Baner. I have already written about the first experience at Food Fuel. This time I wanted to try something new as the menu is multi-folded expanded since my first order, 2 years back. My On-the-go breakfast options includes...
  • Royal Sindh Combo Box
  • Paneer Parantha 
  • Potato Grilled Sandwich
  • Cauliflower Parantha
  • Corn and Cheese Rolls
  • Ragda Patties Chit Chaat Box
A complete meal in itself, the Royal Sindh Combo Box (Rs.249) consists of authentic sindhi dishes – Dal Pakwan, Koki, Bowl of Chana Dal, Tamarind Chutney, onion, pickles and dry-fruits. Dal Pakwan was super yum as it had balanced flavours. Koki on the other hand could have tasted better when eaten hot. Packed neatly you can just dunk the crispy pakwans into protein packed chana dal. Super yum!
Second box was the Paneer Parantha Slim Box (Rs.199) which had 8 quarters of loaded paranthas with yoghurt, pickle and salad. You need to eat it hot to taste the awesomeness. The spices were balanced and the best part yoghurt was fresh and not tangy.

Sandwiches are my favourite so had to order Potato Grilled Sandwich Box (Rs.179) which had 3 layered multi-grain sandwich grilled to perfection accompanied with ketchup, bowl of fruits, tea and dry-fruits. I loved their veg sandwich more.

I had ordered Caesar Salad but was served Cauliflower/Gobi parantha (Rs.199) instead . Nevertheless, it was good but not at par with the other dishes served. For me, the parantha was thick and had little flavour to the filling. It too was served with curs, pickle and salad. Can be missed!

Next were the Corn and Cheese Rolls (Rs.179). Two wheat flatbreads were rolled with corn, cheese and potato filling. I wish it had more of cheese though taste was good. This box too had small bowl of fresh fruits, coffee and a ketchup sachet.

Ragda Patties Chit Chaat Box (Rs.159). I totally recommend this box of taste. 4 roasted patties are served with ragda, onion, chutney. Super yummy and fresh. The tangy, sweet, spicy taste of the dish was mind-blowing. A must have!

With such an amazing menu, there are certain things which need additional attention...
  • Opening of the small zip lock bags for ketchups and chutneys are a struggle.
  • Areas of delivery need to be expanded.
Overall, a nice experience. You can call or online order for your breakfasts or brunch cravings. Grab your meal boxes while on the go. Certainly a good choice for quick meal.

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