Shree Baba Ramdev Dhaba, Nigdi, Pune- Rajasthani Food at its best!

Shree Baba Ramdev Dhaba, Nigdi- This place was in my bookmark for a long time. Finally got a chance to visit last night with few of my friends. We reached there at around 7.45 pm. It was a Saturday night and as expected it was almost full.
Location:: Location is not at all difficult to locate as Bhakti Shakti garden is quite a famous landmark.
Ambience:: Luckily we got our table as soon as we reached. There are 3 types of seating of which 2 were outdoor in which one was charpai, other was plastic tables and chair. Main seating was indoor with ethnic environment. Rajasthani paintings were decorating all the walls around.Yellow lights were making the ambience bit dull.

Food:: We were 7 people so had choices to order variety of food. I had in mind, what I had to. So, I went for Rajwadi Dal Baati, Half plate Desi Ghee Choorma. We also ordered, Khichiya Papad, Methi Ka Parantha, Paneer Kofta, Veg Toofani, Lachcha Parantha, and Garlic Naan, Dal Fry and Jeera Rice
Rajwadi Dal Baati (Rs. 195 per plate)- Beautiful thali with 4 Baatis dipped in lots of ghee, accompanied with Dal fry in small balti, gatta curry (Besan or chickpea preparation), Salad, Khichiya Papad and Gulabjamun. Everything just tasted perfectly in this thali. Gulabjamun is a big "YES" and so the gatta curry. (4/5)
Desi Ghee Choorma- Delicious dish which you should not miss. Garnished with Cashewnuts and Raisins. The Choorma was to die for. We ordered only half of it and it was heavy enough for us to digest. (5/5)
Khichiya Papad- It is basically a regional version of masala papad. Prepared by Corn (makai) and garnished with tomato, onion, coriander and sev (4.5/5)
Methi Ka Parantha- I was bit sceptical but surprisingly it tasted amazing. Methi was in right amount with suitable selection of spices and shallow fried in ghee. It was served with curd and a spoon of butter. (4/5)
Paneer Kofta Curry- It was surely a bad choice. Though served very nicely with garnishing of Paneer, the portion was less amounting for only 1 kofta and that too was bit hard to eat. Gravy was really good with right proportion of tomato, garlic, peanuts and spices. But one can give it a miss. (2.5/5)
Veg Toofani- In the menu card, it caught our attention. It is the spicier version of any mix veg curry. The concoction of Veg Toofani was liked by everyone. I really liked its taste which was not that spicy nor sweet. A perfect blend! (4/5)
Lachcha Parantha- In my mind, I was thinking Parantha to be a wheat preparation, but it came out little different. Though taste was amazing. It is a multilayered parantha made with all purpose flour (Maida). I don't like maida much but still this delicacy was well made- a bit crispy and yet soft. (4/5)
Garlic Naan- As the name suggests, Naan with garlic and coriander tasted amazing. It was not chewy and thus easy to eat. (3.5/5)

Dal Fry- Yummmy. Nothing to say more (5/5)
Jeera Rice- Made in desi ghee it was alike the serving as other restaurants serve. (3.5/5)
The waiters keep on moving with Buttermilk cups, Gulabjamun, Rabdis and Rasgullas to tempt you. Though having any one of those will be a good choice. I tasted all of them.
Gulabjamun- I have never tasted soooo soft and yummy gulabjamuns. In one bowl, 2 are served. (5/5)
Rabdi- Comes in small earthen shot. Tasted perfectly, not too sweet (4.5/5)
Rasgulla- They are also served 2 in a bowl. A bit sweet but were really delicious (4/5)
Buttermilk- I bet you can't stop after having 1 glass of it. Superb taste! (5/5)
Recommendations:: Dal baati, Dal Fry, Gulabjamun, Khichiya Papad, Choorma, Buttermilk.

Service: It was quick. Managers were little lost but waiters were on to their job. (3.5/5)

Value for Money- YES! All of these costed us only Rs. 1850 for seven people.

Give it a try this weekend for a wonderful lunch/dinner. But do arrive early for those who hate waiting! :)

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