Indian meal on the go....Box8 Reviewed!

Box8-a planned concept started by a young team for today's busy life! The idea is to serve delicious Indian food on the go. The popular All-in-One meal box, which is a fulfilling new-age Indian meal, convenient to eat anytime, anywhere. They have given an Indian twist to Wraps & Sandwiches and, have retained the core Indian flavours in Curries. I thought of trying it and had a long list to order. Once you go through the menu; you will be spoilt by the choices right from Salads to All-in-one meal to Wraps, Sandwiches, Curries, Roti, Rice, Drinks, Desserts and Salad. You ask them and they have it!
 Nearest outlet to my place is Kothrud, I wanted home delivery for a lazy sunday noon. Our area is out of their delivery area, but when I asked them, they happily agreed to do so. Below is the snapshot of all the vegetarian food I ordered...
  • Spicy Paneer Meal (All-in-One Meal) (3/5)
  • Grilled Tikki Meal (All-in-One Meal) (4/5)
  • Super Saver Combo (Gulabjamuns and Lemonade) (5/5; 3.5/5)
  • Bombay Special Sandwich (4.5/5)
  • Paneer Makhani Curry (Supreme) (4/5)
  • Subz Handi Curry (Classic) (3/5)
  • Tawa Parantha (3.5/5)
  • Moong Dal ka Halwa (4/5)
Delivery was perfectly on the given time and the food was nicely packed. I was in awe after seeing the quantity. It was for more than 5 people. 
All-in-One Meal is a fulfilling meal in the box having a base of rice/parantha, with a layer of flavours, salad, and chutney. Curry of your choice is served in another small box which you can mix in that meal box so that the dish becomes complete and easy to eat. 
 Ordered Spicy Paneer Meal with Parantha base at only Rs.15 extra. One can also select extra fillings of Paneer, Cheese or Chicken at a very reasonable cost of Rs.40 extra. It had a base of small rectangle pieces layered with flavoursome curry. First bite and you can feel the burst of flavours in your mouth. Bits of Paranthas and all the mix was good but somehow was not that impressive to give it a second chance!
Grilled Tikki Meal opened up as a surprise. It had 2 grilled melt in mouth tikkis with perfect concoction of spices. Prepared in the same way with a base of cut paranthas layered with masala curry, mint chutney and salad. Liked this meal box more than the paneer one.
Super Saver Combo- While adding meal to the cart, this combo pops up on the screen where Rs.38 can be saved and have a choice to get 1 beverage and 1 dessert. I opted for Masala Lemonade and Gulabjamun. Masala Lemonade was average but Gulabjamuns were exceptional. Truly homemade taste! Highly recommended!
Bombay Special Sandwich- This is the best sandwich I have ever had in recent times. Toasted multi-grain panini bread with lip smacking veg patties, sauces and vegetables giving it a feel of eating at chaupatty. I bet no one can stop after having a bite. Surely, ordering it again!
In A-La-Carte, I chose 6 Tawa Paranthas and 2 types of curry-Paneer Makhani Curry and Subz Handi Curry.
Assorted Whole wheat paranthas were nice and soft but they are good when consumed immediately. 2 paranthas were left and thought of having them in the evening but they got hard and difficult to eat!
Paneer Makhani Curry was made with succulent paneer (cottage cheese) in a rich, silky tomato gravy.Truly delectable!
Subz Handi - As the name suggests,its a mixed veg preparation like beans, baby corn, potatoes in mughali style gravy. Bit spicy and oily and found it ordinary. 
Lastly, could not stop myself to dig into my favourite dessert-Moong Dal Halwa. I seriously relished till the end! One thing to say the quantity was limited as compared to the price, though the taste covered up all!
  • Bombay Special Sandwich
  • Paneer Makhani Curry
  • Gulabjamun
  • Moong Dal Halwa
Overall, a smooth experience of home delivered food- not in terms of delivery but also taste and packing. So, what are you waiting for? Do visit their nearest store or order online!
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