Just Bing'g'e-The extra g- Reviewed!

Just Bingge is a new kid on the block in Navi Mumbai for a few months now. It is a colorful, rich and vibrant small eatery where in they have so much to offer! I received an invitation to try their newly launched Mexican fest. Based in Pune, it was difficult for me to especially go to Navi Mumbai to try!  
Luckily, last week, I had a chance to visit Mumbai and I could not afford to miss this opportunity and asked them if I can visit them. They happily agreed and I preferred to visit it in the evening. 
Google maps helped us to reach this easily accessible place. As soon as I entered I was mesmerized by its vintage, retro feel. 
Though a very small place, still 4 people can sit on either corner enjoying books while having salad or sandwiches or nachos.
At the very entrance is a wall-mounted cycle which is hard to miss. A small salad bar is there serving both veg and non-veg. Also, a display of all the dishes they serve. 
Just Bingge introduced a Mexican Food Fest 2015 wherein Quesdillas, Nachos, Tacos, Melon Soup were served on the platter.
On their regular menu is Beverages, Sandwiches, Wraps, Veg Le Pout and many more. I was asked to taste salads first. Assorted Salad including When Mac met Cheese, Oriental Prince, Cornhagen were served to me. All were average, however, I will go with the Oriental Prince, classic Italian Panzanella with crispy fried croutons. Rating at satisfying 3/5
First on the serving was Veg Tacos. Beautifully presented small portions of hard shell Tacos were easy to eat. Each plate had 6 tacos with beans filled and garnished with cheese and served with salsa. Plate was decorated with red and yellow capsicum on the bed of lettuce leaves. Salsa was good with a balance of sweet and spice. I would rate it a moderate 3.5/5

Next on the menu was Veg Quesadilla. It is a wheat tortilla or a corn tortilla filled with a savoury mixture, and/or vegetables, cooked often on a griddle. This was basically a sort of stuffed parantha served with a dip made with yoghurt, onion and coriander leaves. I really liked it a lot, soft and mushy. Rating it at impressive 4/5
Talk about Mexican and miss Nachos? Not possible! My favourite mexican dish is Nachos and when I mentioned this to the PR she noted it promptly. As I reached cafe, I got to know nachos have finished, she sweetly arranged for it and made sure I do not miss out on this. So, the nachos were readymade but the salsa served with it was yumm and made by them. I would rate it satisfying 3/5

Musk Melon Soup was the first time I was trying. I expected it to be warm but traditionally it is served chilled. Musk Melon (Cantaloupe) is pureed with orange juice, lime and cinnamon to create this chilled soup. It had a balanced portion of mint as well. Tasted good. Rating it 3/5
I saw 'Veggies on Foot' and 'Veg la Pout' in the display and was immediately tempted to have them. 
Veggies on foot is basically a footlong to carry corn, capsicum, olives, jalapeƱos, onions, tomatoes and cheese. A footlong version of pizza to be precise. It was super delectable! Rating it 4.5/5
Veg La pout is their signature dish. Very unusual and totally lip smacking! It is in their salad menu. Veg La Pout is a hot salad with french fries, mushrooms and oreganos topped with three flavours of sauce-Onion Ranch, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Mayonnaise. Too flavoursome. Fries were warm, crisp and the sauces topped on it were making a great concoction. Do try. Hugely recommended. I would rate it 4.5/5 
Evening was closing with Blue Crush Cooler. No points for guessing it was blue in color. Prepared with a very well balanced taste of Coconut Milk, Pineapple, Blue Crush Syrup, Fresh Lemon juice, Ice cubes and sugar syrup. I could not resist myself having this. Truly refreshing drink! Rating it at 4/5
Veg La Pout
Veggies on Foot
Veg Quesadillas
Blue Crush Cooler
They also had small plates for tasting sample of which you can decide. 
Mainly they work on home- delivery or take away but still do try once and enjoy this beautiful place with colorful and positive vibes. 
Service:: Staff is courteous, cheerful and knowledgeable.   

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