The Waffles Hut: A Sweet Indulgence Reviewed!

A waffle is a leavened batter or dough cooked between waffle iron plates. It is not very popular in India. However, as per my knowledge, introducing waffles and making it a big brand is done by the owner of The Waffles Hut, Mr.Tanmay Bhosale, who is passionate about waffles and keeps on evolving the menu to satiate our taste buds.
Overall, they have 4 outlets and one more is coming soon at Aundh. This outlet is a franchisee and is looked after by Sujeet, who also happens to be an engineer by profession!
We were invited for a menu tasting at their newly launched outlet in Amanora Town Centre, Hadapsar. It is located in the west block on the ground floor. Ambience is bright and colorful. You will be drooling while sitting there by seeing all those tempting photographs on the wall of variety they serve.
This outlet is bigger than the one at the phoenix. The aroma of freshly made waffles will take you in the other world.
They offer a variety of mouth-watering toppings, such as Strawberries, Bananas, Whipped Cream, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Honey Lemon, Apple Cinnamon, Fresh Fruit with Ice-Cream, Fresh Cream, Chocolate Fondue, Pan Cake with Maple Syrup and other Sweet & savoury creations!
We were recommended and served few of their signature dishes. Following is the list at a glance..
Belgian Chocolate Spread (5/5)
Banana Caramel with Oreo Crumbles with Whipped Cream (4/5)
Desert Snow (3/5)
Marshmallows with Maple Syrup (4.5/5)
Velvet Crunch with Blueberry Crush (3/5)
Nutella with chocochips (4/5)
Jelly BellyDelight (4/5)
Apple Cinnamon (3.5/5)

Mango (3.5/5)
Butterscotch (4.5/5)
Chocolate (4/5)

Butter with Maple Syrup (4.5/5)
Belgian Chocolate Spread (5/5)
Dryfruits with Chocolate Sauce (4/5)
We were served an assorted platter of a 4 piece waffle - Belgian Chocolate Spread, Banana Caramel with Oreo Crumbles, Marshmallow with Maple Syrup and Desert Snow.
If someone is tasting for the first time, they must go with the Belgian Chocolate Spread Waffle. This sinful waffle is baked fresh and is drizzled with dark chocolate sauce. I must say, one of the basic and rich delicacy in the store for all the chocolate lovers! Highly recommended!
 Banana, Caramel with Oreo Crumbles with Whipped Cream: Nicely baked Waffle topped with whipped cream with banana slices, Oreo crumbles, drizzled with Caramel is a meal in itself. So fulfilling! I personally avoid bananas and not much a fan of oreo but here it was making a great combination.
Desert Snow:Delicious waffles is drenched in chocolate snow and topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream. I found it exploitation on teeth as hot waffle with cold scoop was a punishment to my teeth.
Marshmallows with Maple Syrup: Marshmallow cream was poured over on hot waffles was new to me. One of the best out of the complete menu. It had long lasting flavours.
Velvet Crunch with Blueberry Crush: Creamy Waffle dripping with molten chocolate and topped with velvet textured blueberry crush was an average preparation of the evening!
Nutella with Choco-chips topping: Oh so Wow! Who would say a no to nutella? Tempting presentation!
Jelly Belly Delight: Yummy fantasy waffle served with smooth whipped cream topped with colorful gummy jelly sweets with chocolate syrup is not be missed!
Apple Cinnamon: What an idea! Thin slices of green apple on the crunchy waffle with powdered cinnamon was great recipe again! Cinnamon was balanced mainly which was giving it sweet and bit spicy flavour.
Mango: Thick Mango milkshake is everyone's choice. It was not very sweet but balanced.
Butterscotch: This Milkshake was the star of the evening! Its flavour was irresistible and had a long lasting taste.
Chocolate: A calorie-rich shake with choco-chips to add crunchiness.
Pancakes: A pancake is a think, round flat cake made from starch based batter and cooked in butter or oil. Apart from waffles, they also serve, pancakes, which is also unusual to get otherwise. We were served three types of pancake..
Butter with Maple Syrup: First bite and it hits you with the oh so delicious butter with drizzle of maple syrup. It was super delectable. Recommended!
 Dry fruits with Chocolate Sauce:- Again a creative mind, who would imagine dry fruits on pancake? Here, you can get. A kickstart to your mornings with this rich pancake.
Belgian Chocolate Spread: A highly recommended and fulfilling and satisfying pancake with loads of chocolate spread on it. DO NOT MISS!
Belgian Chocolate Spread Waffle
Marshmallows with Maple Syrup Waffle
Butterscotch Milkshake
Butter with Maple Syrup Pancake
Belgian Chocolate Spread Pancake
They are also introducing Waffle cake and some savoury waffles with mushroom topping. Wouldn't that be a treat? Go, grab your favourite now!
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  1. This looks absolutely delicious and the photos are fabulous! Great blog post girlie.

    XO, Jessi

    1. Hey Thanks Jessi....It was great reading from you! Keep blogging and do visit my blog often...:)

  2. Hi Megha, the waffles look amazing, what a great place.

    1. Hi Cheri,
      They were equally delectable as they look...:)Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

  3. Wow, an entire restaurant devoted to just waffles...and they look incredible! I wish they'd open one of those restaurants up near me. The Belgian chocolate waffle is calling my name!

    1. Yeah..its quite unusal here in India to open up a specific restaurant for waffles. The owner keeps on upgrading the menu with unusual topping. Recently he made waffle cake with strawberries! Ha, will take you here whenever you are in Pune, India

  4. You are one lucky gal to be able to eat those amazing waffles. And yes I am drooling!! - Renee @ Two in the Kitchen :)

    1. Yeah.Indeed I was lucky enough to eat almost each variety of waffle....:) share your favourite topping on waffles.

  5. Amazing waffles!


  6. These waffles all look incredible! Especially that velvet crunch!

    1. Thank you Aimee! Velvet Crunch was delectable indeed! :)

  7. Looks very yummy and beautifully captured...

    1. Thank you Anu! I am glad you liked the photographs...:)

  8. Awesome sweet treats. Not a fan of sweet things but I won't any one of these.

    1. They were not that sweet. I am sure, you will love them! Do try once you are in Pune! :)

  9. Nice post.Thanks for the blog :)


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