JW Marriott Food Truck reviewed!

Food trucks are a new concept in Indian Market. However, they are gaining popularity in metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. But a food truck by any five star hotel is a big news for everyone who always wanted to dine at a prestigious hotel at a very economic rate. JW Food truck is the first hotel to come up with the Food truck.

The idea is to pull not only college crowd but also people who can just sit back, relax and have scrumptious food in the open area along with the five star comfort.Truck is painted with attractive food grafittis to have a quick idea of the offerings. It is parked in the al fresco area of Pune Baking Company (PBC).

All the preparations are done, cooked and served through truck only. It will cater street food from different regions and cuisines starting monthly. This month they have come up with the New York style street food-fries, burgers, flat breads, sandwiches, hot dogs, Sundaes, Quenchers etc and all this at Rs. 150 plus taxes per product. Isn’t it worth it?

This month's offering::
Inside the Bun:
PBC Chicken Burger
Vegetable Burger
Classic Dog

Flat Bread:
Lasooni Teecha
Zingy Pesto

Masala french fries shots
Walking in Circles (Onion Rings)
Salad in a Jar

PBC Sundae:
Ebony and Ivory

Thirst Quenchers:
Green Apple
Summer Berry
Passion Fruit

Chocolate Chip
Caramel Latte

Served with crunch French Fries, Vegetable Burger was delicious with crunchy vegetable patty and pineapple slice to add a twist.

Zingy pesto flat bread surely caught my attention. It was spicy and properly baked with paneer tikka, bell peppers, basil chutney and cheese. Lasooni Teechac(Non-veg) flat bread was surely talk of the patrons out there.

Salad in jar was a 'pick and go' option for calories watchers. Ebony n Ivory was a different type of Sundae, sort of kulfi, it had brownies, blondie, chocolate icecream and vanilla sauce. Passionfruit Slushie was a refreshing drink. A must try!

Open:: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Time:: 5pm - 9pm
Venue:: PBC, JW Marriott, Pune
Rate:: 150+taxes= Rs. 210 


  1. Those flatbreads look amazing. I could easily eat everything here.

    Dannii - www.hungryhealthyhappy.com

  2. Living for those fries! So tempting!!!!!

    XO, Jessi

  3. Such a cool idea to review of food truck! Great blog post girlie.

    XO, Jessi

    1. Thank you Jessi. I really love to write about trending new food joints.


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