ROYCE’ - Chocolate now in Pune reviewed!

Royce’ is a giant Japanese confectioner involved in sweet indulgence, precisely chocolates. Royce’ brand have outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru. Kolkata and now in Pune at Phoenix Market City.Thank you to a lovely couple, Avani Raheja and Samir Gadhok for introducing this brand in India. History of Royce’ starts back in 1983 from Sapporo, capital of Hokkaido, a place in Japan with suitable climate for the chocolates.

Royce’ was introduced to India in July 2013. In Pune, they are opened on ground floor in Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar.

One can be easily spoilt with choices of chocolate the offer, One amongst the 20+ variety is liquour free Nama, a soft, melt-in-mouth chocolate with variants in Ghana Bitter, Ecuador Sweet, Mild Cocoa ( Rs.1195 for 20pcs). Truly, worth every penny. Personal favourite being Ecuador Sweet with a perfect balance of richness of chocolate and sweetness.

Another gem was the Baton Cookie with two flavours- Coconut and Hazelnut. (Rs. 1195 for 25pcs) Tried Hazelnut and just one word - WOW! Finely crushed cacao blended into cocoa crust and coated with chocolate on the other side makes it crunchy and chocolaty.

Amande Chocolate (Rs. 1095 for 190gms) is the Almond dipped in milk chocolate or dark one for the people who like bitter taste.

Such a quirky combination of salted potato chip with chocolate on the other side. It was also one of my favourite. Never tasted such range of chocolates in India.

Nutty Bar Chocolates (Rs. 1395 for 10pcs) are the finger sized chocolate bar with power pack of nuts. Also, one of my favourite.
Criollo Chocolate (Rs. 915 for 24pcs) made of rarest and most precious cocoa bean found in Venezuela, bitter in taste with intense flavour of cacao bean is soft and silky.

Prafeuille Chocolate (Rs. 1195 for 30pcs) had coffee and berry flavour. When you have a small bite, the flavours of rasberries and blueberries burst in your mouth not leaving behind the chocolate. Coffee flavoured Prafeuille was tooo good with balancing taste of coffee and chocolate.Loved every bit of it! 

Do not miss out on them whenever you are in Pune! Ideal for gifting as well! :)