Royal Kitchens of India Food Festival at JW Marriott, Pune reviewed!

Royal Kitchen – one of my fascination to eat there. Wouldn't it be one of a life time experience to be a King/Queen and get a royal treatment? I would definitely want to try that. Not sure when but recently the wish was heard by JW Marriott, Pune and they arranged a 'Royal Kitchen of India' festival starting from 18th March to 31st March at Spice Kitchen and Shakahari.

During the festival, one can get a unique chance to experience the erstwhile royal kitchens from the far flung lands of Kashmir, Rampur, Hyderabad and Lucknow. The food festival is curated by the team of renowned chef, Chef Mujeeb-ur-Rehman from Lucknow. Known for his delectable creations across the globe, Chef Rehman is a self-taught master and a perfectionist.

These dishes served in the festival are handcrafted by three chefs from the famed Chef Mujeeb-ur-Rehman’s team. Something which makes them different is their homemade masalas. They use Yellow Chilli Powder, Sandal Powder, Potli Powder, Achar Masala and Sabzi Masala.

The festival is featuring few of the exotic dishes like..
  • Galouti Kebab
  • Sarson Paneer Tikka 
  • Dungari Murgh Tikka 
  • Subz shami kebab
  • Sheermal
  • Bakarkhani Roti
  • Haleem
  • Dalcha
  • Murgh Yakni Pulao
  • Mutter Pulao
  • Hyderabad Gosht Biryani
  • Khatti Dal
  • Rajmah Kashmiri
  • Kashmiri Dum Aloo 
  • Shahi Halwa and more..

I ordered for Spiced Mango Mojito, which had the minty freshness with mango pulp and chilli flakes. Spice level was perfect.

We started with Sarson Paneer Tikka which was properly marinated with mild flavour of mustard and grilled to perfection. 
I could see Subz Shami Kebabs and wanted to try it eagerly. It is a very popular awadhi dish authentically made from minced meat, lentils and spices but since an option for vegetarians, this was made with carrots, beans etc. The kebabs are succulent, tasty and melt in the mouth.

Dalcha is a popular Hyderabadi recipe, basically made from chana dal, mutton and tamarind but since for vegetarians mutton was replaced by tur dal and I must say, soft and creamy it was. Mutter Pulao is easy and made with mixing green peas into steamed rice. Tasted well with Dalcha.

The Sheermal were so soft that you could it like that only. It is mildly sweet, saffron flavoured flatbread having an aroma of kevda water. Highly recommended! The chefs brought and used special four piece bhatti and assembled in the kitchen at JW Marriott. It is used specifically for making rotis here.

My non-vegetarian loving fellow bloggers were going crazy eating Haleem and for them it was one dish you should not miss!

Last but not the least, Paan shots were served to us and it was super cooling and refreshing drink.
Few of the other desserts I tried from the menu was Red Velvet, Mascarpone Kisses, Fresh fruits...Here is what my plate looked like..

So, if you want to pamper yourself with the royalty, do not miss this limited time opportunity. Its so rare that we get to eat the food cooked by royal chefs. Do visit them today.

Date: 18th – 31st March 2016
Time: 7:00 pm onwards
Venue: Spice Kitchen and Shakahari
Cost: Rs. 1595 inclusive of taxes
Contact: 020 6683 2345/2346


  1. JW Marriotts are such elegant properties. My dear entertainer friends, Sony and Jerry Holland, used to do three weekend night performances at the one here in San Francisco. I never dined there but I enjoyed the wonderful appetizers and cocktails. If they had advertised a festival such as the one you showed so temptingly in your blog, I wouldn't have missed it. Your photographs and the descriptions of the dishes had my mouth watering! Alas, my cupboard and refrigerator are nearly bare as, come April 13, my travels begin again!

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