Intellisense Living – A Thought awakening discourse by Shri Gaur Gopal Prabhu — Reviwed!

Nothing in this world can give you immense pleasure and inner peace other than helping others – directly or indirectly. One noble deed of fund raising was initiated by Yuvatva, a youth run non-profit organisation in association with Intellisense. The event covered a thought awakening discourse by Shri Gaur Gopal Prabhu, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. The proceeds were to be given for the development of the kids at Shantivan, who are children of farmers, who have committed suicide. It was an absolute pleasure to attend such sort of event and be inspired to live a beautiful life.

Yuvatva is a youth-run, non profit organization formed to build a family of passionate and committed individuals with the desire to help inculcate the values of liberty and inclusive development of our society.
Aim: Bring together youth and channelise their energies towards providing basic needs to the underprivileged, helping them build a better future and a good life.
Currently, they have joined hands with Shantivan in Beed, an organization in Beed which runs a school near Beed for development and education of farmers children. They have inducted 500 students and working towards their basic right to food and education.

The event was presented by Intellisense – where you get an efficient home with optimally used spaces. Intellisense is a mixture of intelligent planning, sensibility to modern needs, professional honesty and a home with a never-before combination of well thought design, innovative furniture and minimal waste.

The thought evoking discussion started post hi-tea, introduction of the partners and sponsors. Really was eager to hear Shri Gaur Gopal Prabhu. He is known for his wits and humour while giving motivation. His Panchsutras are the core for a better living...
  • Correct you equations for happiness
  • Change your expectations
  • Compare not with others
  • Covet your life of purpose
  • Connect with the source of true joy.
Summary of the whole discourse is one should treat money as a part of ones's life and not life. We should be happy and content with what we have. Money should not be the source of pleasure and Happiness is a state of mind. We had a very interesting session where we learnt many things which were helpful for our betterment like we should not give remote of your emotions in others' hand. Comparison fills our heart with envy and when we burn the envy, joy comes.

Such a thoughtful session for limited time gave us memories for life. Amazing event with a wonderful cause. Hands down to everyone involved!