Around the world with 9 sushi: Shizusan The Asian Bistro — Reviewed!

Shizusan - An Asian Pop-up Bistro is a quite popular name for asian regional food in Pune. Bistro has received prodigious amount of love not only from Pune but also from nearby places.The asian pop-up never fails to impress in serving delicious food from Shizusan's explorations across major asian countries.

To celebrate International Sushi Day, they came up with a new menu of nine innovative sushi, each from different part of the world. My opinion is if someone wants to develop their palate for sushi they need to start from this place.

Veg and Non Veg Sushis are on the menu with quite interesting fillings. Coming on to the veg option, each serving has 8 pcs and the cost of which is Rs.525. We started with The Korean sushi with the filling of kimchi, asparagus tempura, carrots and loaded with creamy gochujang and toasted seasme for the crunch. I loved it to the core. Recommended!

Shizusan's french inspired sushi, Monsieur Maki, had enoki tempura brie, ponzu mayo and truffle oil. Simple, basic yet flavoursome. I loved the enoki, a long thin white mushroom, tempura. It added extra crunch to the dish. What makes it more delicious and lip-smacking is the mayo. Recommended!

From the land of Vietnam, Shizusan brought The Saigon, a maki roll of raw papaya, carrots, long beans cooked in red gravy. Crushed peanuts, crisp onions, burnt garlic and mint for the crisp, crunch and freshness. One of my favourite. Recommended!

'No'ri Maki was a very healthy twist to the regular sushis. Wherein, sushi was wrapped with spinach and filled with asparagus, cucumber, carrots, wasabi mayo and cream cheese.

Icing on the cake with savoury dishes offered to me was Okonomiyaki. It is a Japanese styled savoury pancake which literally means, grilled as you like it.  Pancake batter with cabbage and other ingredients and drizzled with okonomi sauce, mayo makes it tempting. Bit oily but totally filling. Recommended! 

I was surprised to see a dessert sushi in the menu. Chef Paul Kinny is an artisan with his preparations and all the dishes are crafted with innovation and dedication. The Chaingmai Roll is one of them, a Thai inspired sushi with sticky coconut rice and seasonal fruit mango to add the richness. Mango is the king and so was this sushi. Mango cubes rolled in sticky rice and coated with a thin slice of mango. Exemplary!

All good things come to an end and so was our lunch. Will be going soon for the love of sushis, bao and rice.

What: Around the World with 9 Sushi
When: Till 10th July 2016
Where: Shizusan, Ground Floor, Phoenix Market City, Pune