The Flavours of Marwar – Royal Feast at Kangan, Westin, Pune — Reviewed!

Westin has always surprised and impressed me with the variety of food festivals they come up with. Earlier this month, Persian food festival was organized in Seasonal Tastes and currently Kangan is hosting 'The Flavours of Marwar' Food Festival.

One can get some royal indulgence, and dig into authentic specialities by Chef Ram Singh Rathore from Le Meridien, Jaipur and be assured of some rich and vibrant flavours from Rajasthan. The menu is curated with the signature dishes of Chef Ram and Chef Shadab which includes Bajre ki Raab, Mirchi Wada, Kasoori Jhinga, Jodhpuri Gatta Curry, Lal Maas, Dal Bati Churma, Rajsi Mewe ka Pualo, Mawe ka Ghewar, Kulfi Falooda to name a few.

The warm ambience, loving staff, delicious regional food and a partner is what needed the most to make a beautiful evening complete. Am always on the hunt for rajasthani food and finally it comes to an end on one of my most adorable place – Kangan. As we reached, Chef Shadab welcomed us and suggested some delicacies to try. I was pretty excitingly nostalgic and dreaming about the food we used to have in the childhood. 

We were offered fried rice papad and Makai ki Raab to start with. Makai ki Raab is cornmeal incorporated in buttermilk and served hot, however, the one served to us was cold, may be it is consumed both hot or cold, as per the season. Papad was excellent! I was drooling over the Mirchi ka Achar, Mint Chutney, Kair ka Achar...Mouth watering!

Our starters had assortment of kebabs, tikkas and wadas. We had..
Mirchi Wada: Deep fried stuffed green chilli is Mirchi Wada. Best during monsoons, made with balanced spices, flavours and cooked perfectly! Spice Alert: High. I definitely loved it!

Dahi Ke Kebab: Hung curd infused with basic spices make this delicious dish. Melt-in-mouth kebabs...A must try!
Marwari Seekh: An exotic blend of seasonal vegetables with dry fruits skewered and roasted in the tandoor. I found it bit dry as vegetables had lost all its moisture, however, it went well with the chutneys provided.
Jodhpuri Paneer Tikka: Cottage Cheese was subtly marinated and stuffed with tri-colored filling and roasted. Marination was nice and overall the dish tasted good.
Kalmi Wada: Deep fried Mixed lentils fritters, crunchy and crisp tasted amazing. I loved the crunch of dal with each bite. 
Thar ke Papad: Sort of popaddum roll, the papad was stuffed with exotic and spicy mixture of potatoes, vegetables, dry fruits and deep fried. The surprise element was the stuffing, it took me back to my childhood. It had the flavours of moong dal kachoris, I used to have back in time. Loved this!

We were almost full with the starters but my heart was still craving for the much awaited Dal Baati Churma and voila it arrived and that too in two variants – Plain Baati and Masala Baati. Baati is basically bit hard unleavened wheat flour bread cooked in Rajasthan. Masala baati has a stuffing of mildly spiced potatoes. It goes will with mixed dal and loads of ghee into it. Highly recommended!

Forget about calories and gorge into the one of the best authentic Ghee loaded Dal Baati you can get in Pune. Choorma was to die for, I wish they had more variant to it. Do not forget to try this!

Lastly we could not have anything more so we opted for just a small portion of Mawa Ghewar and that was the icing on the cake! Absolutely yum. It was mild sweet and the dry-fruits, varq was making it look gorgeous.

Post dinner, I had a candid conversation with Chef Ramsingh, about his experience, challenges, city etc. Had really a great time. I am going again for those Masala Baatis, Churma, Mirchi Vada...Haa! If you are doubtful what to eat, staff and chef is ever-ready to suggest! Do not miss the royal feeling with rich food.

What: The Flavours of Marwar
Where: Kangan, Westin, Pune
When: 21st July - 31st July 2016; 6pm onwards
Cost: A La Carte
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