'Cuisines of Naples' – As authentic as it can get: Marriott Suites, Pune — Reviewed!

There are sooo many places in my bucket list and one of them is Italy and whenever, I go, I will surely go for my love of food. I've always had this romantic notion of driving through Italy and stopping at tiny little towns like Milan, Bologna, Florence, Tuscany, Rome and Naples along the way and enjoying all of the food and coffee that I can. After all, Italy is a rich land and is famous amongst food lovers like me! :) 

Writing of Italy and not talking about Pizza would be unfair! and 'Soul of Italian Food’ Naples is claimed as the home to authentic Pizza! However, the cuisine has a lot more to offer than just a pizza. I was delighted to be a part of ‘Cuisines of Naples’, a food festival organized at Bistro, Marriott Suites, Koregaon Park, Pune started for 10 days from 11th August 2016. The menu will be served in A-La Carte style all day long from 11 am to 11 pm. The icing on the cake is Chef Cristian Cabrera – chef de cuisine of the most popular restaurant ‘Fratelli Fresh’ from Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai will be bringing this delicious bonanza for the foodies in the town.

Chef Cristian explained about the region," Their cooking style aims to preserve all the natural flavors and fragrances and thus emphasizes on the use of fresh ingredients." Foodies can expect some delectable dishes from the ongoing ‘Cuisines of Naples’ festival.

Chef Cristian Cabrera recommends
  • Rich Mussels Soup
  • Napolitano and Crunchy Prawns 
  • Caesar Salad
  • Quinoa and Capo Natta salad to start with. 
  • Tenderloin Carpaccio
  • Lamb shanks in Barolo red wine and rosemary potatoes.
There would also be varieties of pastas for pasta lovers including a range of delicious Broccoli pasta, Spaghetti vongole a lle Napolitano or stuffed pasta like Homemade Orecchiette Salsiccia. Patrons can also enjoy various Pizzas and Calzones.

Our evening started with a fresh veg antipasti platter which had Buratta, cherry tomatoes, aubergines, leafy veggies and topped with delicious dressing. Everything was refreshing.

Next was the soup, Pasta-E-Fagioli, which is basically a bean and pasta soup. Also known as farmer's dish, as its made up of inexpensive ingredients. I loved the combination, taste and the temperature at which it was served! Recommended!

was very light, juicy, creamy, rich and flavourful. One of the best I had. I would love to go again especially to have it! :) Highly Recommended!

Pizza had to be the best - after all, that's what Naples is famous for. We could see Pizza in making and were pretty excited to try Quattro Formaggio or Four Cheese Pizza. It was as cheesy as it can get. Thin crust perfectly baked pizza with all cheese is what you crave for. Served hot; It was again one of the best dish of the evening. Highly Recommended!

Four Seasons Pizza
was also equally good with four different toppings on it. I preferred artichokes and mushrooms. It was just made to perfection! Recommended!
I could not ask for and then only, I was offered Bistro's best seller veg main dish – Stuffed Mushrooms. It looked as beautiful as it tasted. So, gooey, rich and creamy. Recommended!

A perfect to end such a flavorsome dinner can be Cannoli an authentic dessert of the region along with the rich Tiramisu. Both tasted great. When you have such dishes on your plate, life is sorted! Isn't it? 

You must not miss the chance of tasting Chef Cristian's signature dishes. Go and try yourself and share your experiences in the comment below! :) I am awaiting.
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