Donut Magic – Eggless, Fresh, Affordable Donuts — Reviewed!

Who doesn't love donuts? It is rather a very common breakfast and snack in many countries. The best part is you can play around with the toppings and the fillings. Recently, there are so many donuts places coming up, but I remember 8 years old Donut Magic. Fresh Eggless Donuts at an affordable price is what you can expect from them.

I was invited by the brand to try their assorted donuts, so when I happened to visit their outlet in SGS Mall, Camp, was happy to see the variety they had to offer at such a cost. Their donuts starts at Rs. 25. Yes, you read it right! You will read more about this below..:) Not only kids but they have a nice range to attract each and every family member.

Just at the entrance of the mall, you can spot a small kiosk with number of delicious donuts. I met the owner who started the outlets out of love for donuts. We had a good chat over a coffee about the history and the success story of the Donut Magic. As mentioned by him, "Started 8 years back, we have kept our basic recipe the same. We make fresh dough and do not compromise on the taste. Our motto is to make people fall in love for donuts."

He was generous to offer me almost all donuts and assorted brownies. Let me explain in detail about the menu they have to offer...
Donuts are categorized into 4 types –
  • Ring - Regular ones (Rs. 25 and 30)
  • Filled - Any type of filling in donut; lemon, caramel etc (Rs. 30)
  • Chocolate - Choc frosting (Rs. 30)
  • Speciality - Best Sellers (Rs. 40)

Here is what I tried and a quick stars to my favourites...
  • Choco Swirl (4/5)
  • Chocolate Frosted Sprinkles (4/5)
  • Caramel Kreme (5/5)
  • Choco Hazelnut (5/5)
  • Chocolate Kreme (4.5/5)
  • Glazed Coconut (4/5)
  • Glazed Lemon Filled (3.5/5)
  • White Choco Oreo (4.5/5)
  • Oreo Cookie Brownie (4/5)
  • Regular Sprinkled Brownie (3.5/5)
  • Choco Chip Brownie (4/5)
Trust me, I tried almost each and every donut. They are not only presentable but tasted great. The base of the donut was spongy My personal favourites are Choco Hazelnut Filled Donut, Caramel Kreme, Chocolate Kreme, White Chocolate Oreo and let me tell you why.

Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Donut was just soo tempting. With the first bite, the hazelnut caramel oozed out and it was just so sinful! I loved every bit of it.

Caramel Kreme - Oh! That Glaze!! No wonder it is their speciality one. The chocolate shining glaze and the caramel in it was a bonus. The base is soft and fluffy.

Chocolate Kreme - Almost alike Caramel Kreme but with drizzle of white chocolate made it look more attractive.

White Chocolate Oreo were few amongst having white chocolate. Crushed Oreos over the white chocolate on the regular base was making it taste bit different. Those who love oreo, this is for you.
Brownies were nice, firm with regular chocolate, nuts and sprinkles.

Overall, my dinner plan ended up stuffing delish donuts. Do try your favourite and let me know your experience in the comment below.
They have 3 branches..
  • Salunke Vihar
  • East Street, Camp
  • SGS Mall, Camp
Also, now they are serving in 'Chai' outlets around Pune. Home delivery is also available in the limited area. Do connect with them on Instagram to gain some offers! I would recommend you to visit Donut Magic for fresh, tasty donuts and I am sure that would not be the last visit!
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