Santè Spa Cuisine – Honestly Healthy — Reviewed!

One of its kind restaurants in Pune, which I would like to visit again and again is Santè Spa Cuisine. A pure vegetarian and organic cafe located in a quiet lane of Koregaon Park, just opp the Osha Meditation Ashram, is just so serene. Sonal Barmecha, a fitness freak herself, started the place out of passion for serving healthy and fresh dishes which are balanced in taste and health. 

Ambience: Elegantly and tastefully done interiors. Small wooden planters and wooden planks give it a very earthy feeling. The restaurant has interior and outdoor seating as well. Outdoor is my favourite area with the fresh breeze and delish food. Live Kitchen is also one of the attractions. Everything from recycled corrugated lamp shades, copper glasses, green sofas to neem wood cutlery, takes you more towards nature. I liked the fact, that neem wood is used for cutlery as it is anti-bacterial and eco-friendly. Each table has a small wheatgreass plant! A big beautiful Gautam Buddha painting on the wall is tranquil.
Food: Each dish listed on the menu is crafted with the highest quality ingredients put together with the creativity and the imagination. Menu includes Hearty breakfast of Muesli, Oatmeal Pancakes, Organic Oats, Sandwiches and more. Salads, Soups, Grills, Beverages, Desserts, pick anything and you won't regret it. 
We started with the Anti-oxidizing energetic beverage made with a delicious concoction of Spinach, Mint and Bottlegourd. As, I mentioned, each dish served has the right component which compliments each other. With the slight hint of Mint, this power packed drink was one of my favourite. 

Another one, I tried was a refreshing one Apple Beetroot and Carrot i.e ABC. Every ingredient was balanced and was worth trying.

We had Spinach and Beetroot Hummus served with whole wheat khakra chips and extra virgin olive oil. Loved the vibrant and colorful beetroot one more, though both of them had distinct flavours. Such a healthy choice for starters!

Fresh from the garden we had Spaghetti of vegetables. Shaved or grated vegetables looked colorful and yummy. It was topped with khakra chips, vinaigrette and fenugreek leaves to give it a health punch.

Bajra Risotto, yes, you read that right! Cheesy risotto, full of nourishment of moong, spinach and green beans was served on a banana leaf. It was one of the best risotto I have had in recent times.
Farm Fresh Pizza with thin gluten free ragi crust was baked perfectly with those colorful toppings of olives, jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes, and loads of veggies. Taste couldn't be better and best part you can have good amount of guilt-free pizza.
Not only the Pizza was guiltless but also the icecream. Yes, the Muesli Almond Ice cream. Rich, healthy, nutritious dessert served with Valrhona chocolate pie made a delish combo. The crunch of muesli and slivered almonds along with gooey chocolate scoop was one of the best guilt-free desserts.
Post meal, you would just want to sit and enjoy the ambience. If so, you can enjoy a coffee in their european style outdoor area near kitchen where one can have a sip along with your favourite book. Hope you guys enjoy the time and make your visit a memorable one.
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