Thai Food Festival – Food at its best! Whispering Bamboo — Reviewed!

 Thai Food is love and when you have Thai Food Festival and that too at Whispering Bamboo, it is not to be missed. Yes, The Whispering Bamboo, Vivanta by Taj, Blue Diamond has organized a week long Thai Food Festival starting from 19th November 2016 to 27th November 2016. The restaurant shall showcase the array of delicacies traditionally prepared in different regions. The menu is deeply inspired by the rich diverse and culinary traditions from the parts of Thailand. Chef Noil, from Taj Pavilion, is heading the festival along with the Executive Chef Sachin Joshi. My first visit at Whispering Bamboo was overwhelming and memorable and so was this. 

Beverages had cocktails like Thai Siam Mary, Michelada, Passion fruit Caiprinha. We started with the Black Berry Vanilla, the Bar Man's Special Mocktail. Black Berry, Vanilla, Lemon, and honey with bubbles was quite unusual and surprisingly pleasant. Thick textured drink was absolutely delish!
Warm spicy soup flavoured with lemon grass, lime, bird chilli and veggies was served to us. It had a strong punch of lemon grass and ginger. Good on the health side.
Veg and non-veg appetizers had 5 options each. People can opt for Tempura Prawns, Crispy Lamb or Steam Fish from non-vegetarian section, while being a vegetarian, I opted for Spring Roll Thai Style (Pho pia je). They were so beautifully plated on the bed of banana leaves, and as delicious as they looked. Crisp fried small spring rolls were a hit. Could have had a whole plate of it, if I was not having other dishes to try. So yumm with the honey-chilli sauce. Highly Recommended!
Mixed Vegetable Tempuras were cooked and prepared in Chef Noil's style. Flour coated veggies were deep-fried and tossed in soya sauce and thai spices. Taste was mind blowing and more like Manchurian. Highly Recommended!
Crave for some chaat? Haha! Thai Chaat is what I named it. Crispy rice noodles with corn and water chestnuts in rice tartlets (Mee grob) was the show stealer. Small tartlets were filled with the layered taste! Gobble in one go and feel the flavours bursting in the mouth. Sweet, spicy, sour everything in one bite. Loved it to the core! Highly Recommended!
Main course too have loads of variety. For non-veg lovers, there is fish, lamb, chicken, prawns, prepared in Thai style. While, vegetarians can opt for Garlic Pepper Seasonal Beans, Palm Hearts with Cashewnuts, Baby Corn and Mushrooms, Silky Bean Curd with Black Bean sauce and lot more. Curries also have a choice of Veg, Praws, Chicken. 
We had Palm hearts with Cashewnuts, Baby Corn and Mushrooms tossed with Chilli and Basil and Thai red curry. Palm hearts with Cashewnuts (Yod ma orao himmapan) is their best seller. Palm hearts or the shoots/buds of the palm, bit hard from outside and succulent from inside was tossed in soya sauce, chillies, ginger, lemon grass and loads of cashewnuts. Rich, silky, smooth scrumptious dish! Highly Recommended!
Baby Corn and Mushrooms tossed with chilli and basil was flavour punched dish. One bite and you get variety of flavours in your mouth. Nice it was.
Thai Red Curry (Gaeng ped) with white rice was just the best! Loads of veggies, creamy coconut milk and Thai-inspired spices were just balanced to perfection. Would go again for this! Highly Recommended!
Dessert time...
Tub Tim grob or the diced water chestnuts with coconut milk served in the coconut shell on the bed of banana leaves. Creamy, fruits flavour with the crunch of chestnuts. Very different and delish!
Makroot flavour soft centered chocolate dollops was sinful! Pure Indulgence. The rich, gooey chocolate was just heavenly! Loved it!
Overall, an evening well spent. Vivanta by Taj, Blue Diamond never disappoints me, be it Whispering Bamboo or Latitude.

What: Thai Food Festival, Food of the Gods
Where: Whispering Bamboo, Vivanta by Taj, Blue Diamond, Pune
When: 19th November 2016 to 27th November 2016
Time: Mon-Thurs : Dinner, 7:30 onwards
           Fri-Sun: Lunch and Dinner
Cost: A La Carte

Hope you guys visit once and enjoy the culinary extravaganza. Please do share your experiences in the comment below.