Diabetic Food Trail and Masterclass at Malaka Spice — Reviewed!

What is our instant reaction, when someone says, they are detected with diabetes? Oh, no sweets! Well, that's what the majority thinks. But this is not the fact. Only giving up on sweets won't help. Today,14th November 2016 on the World Diabetic Day, my article, on a wonderful social initiative, will break your myths towards leading a diabetic life.

I was invited to cover The Diabetic Food Trail, a year old initiative to urge restaurants to curate and serve a diabetic friendly and tasty menu. Manoj and Seema Pinto, a Mumbai couple is the founder of the Diabetic Food Trail. I had a chance to chat with Seema and here is what she had to say about this idea, "Our main motive to start the trail was to see a healthy, diabetic friendly menu served in every restaurant in India. Being a diabetic myself for 12 years, I always wanted to make people aware about the diabetes at an early stage." She further added, "We love travelling and it is a challenge to find a place serving delish diabetic friendly dishes. With this trail we need to bring a revolution in the Indian culinary space." She explained, "We don't need to give up on sweets completely, rather balance of nutrients, yoga, exercise and healthy lifestyle is the basic requirement to be free from the threat of diabetes. Look for what you eat."

So, in nutshell, with the help of the restaurants, diabetic friendly menu will be served to the people apart from the regular menu. The dishes are not only for diabetic people but also for everyone. Each single dish mentioned in the menu has its nutritional value written, people can choose as per their discretion. So good na? Choose the amount of carbs, proteins, vitamins you want to intake.

Currently the trail has over 200 restaurants in 5 cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Chennai. Apart from many restaurants in Pune, Malaka Spice, is also the one supporting the noble cause. So, apart from the information, I also attended Diabetic Food Trail Masterclass headed by Exec. Chef Shatrughan (Malaka Spice), who showed us to cook a few dishes. We had the following which is just a sneak peak from the menu..
  • Roast Pumpkin Bamboo Soup
  • Grilled Veggies Javanese Satay
  • Asparagus Kerabu Salad
  • Moringa Leaves with Steamed Fish and Vegetables
  • Kapri Kapitan
  • Malaysian Shredded Herb Brown Rice
  • Coconut Milk Dessert with Water Chestnuts and Pomegranate. 

Everything just tasted so good. Fresh, healthy, delicious, guilt-free food to enjoy with friends and family. The special menu is available from 12th November 2016 to 30th November 2016 in the following restaurants..
  • Malaka Spice, (All branches)
  • The Real Green Cafe
  • Tales and Spirits Bistro
  • Dezio
  • Nutifood
  • Flambos
  • Dario's
  • Wood Fire Grill
  • Vivanta by Taj
  • Little Italy
  • April Rain
  • The Blue Frog
  • Sante Spa Cuisine
  • Faasos.
So, guys do not limit yourself from trying out of your restrictions. No excuses of not having food at a restaurant (atleast for few days). I wish people are more liberate and set themselves free. Proper balanced diet, right portions, exercise, healthy lifestyle, yoga will surely make a difference.

Hoping to get more hands joining in support of this thoughtful initiative – The Diabetic Food Trail.