Swad Kesariya – Winter Food at Rajdhani Thali — Reviewed!

Winters have set in and the best part is the variety of fresh produce you get in this season. For me, winters are nostalgic and reminds me of 'Desi' comforting food which we use to make on chulhas. Eating seasonal produce is anytime good for your health, so the combination of food which we cook in winters not only keeps us warm from within, but also nourishes us with every meal. 
When I think of desi food, I think of Khandani Rajdhani, one of the favourite restaurants serving vegetarian thalis. I was very happy to know that they have recently come up with the Swad Kesariya - Rajdhani’s annual winter food festival, wherein they will be serving all the dishes prepared with the fresh and green vegetables offered in this season. Delicacies like Surti Undhiyu, Methi Ka Pitla, Suva Lilava Sabji, Sarson Ka Saag, Bedmi Puri along with the winter’s sweetest delights – Goond Ke Laddoo, Adadiya Pak and Gajar Halwa can be savoured. Had to have huge appetite before going to this place

The 15-day festival- Swad Kesariya can be relished till 30th December 2016 at all the Rajdhani's outlets. I went to the Rajdhani, Phoenix Market City, located on the second floor, to try their winter menu. So, my gastronomic journey started with the warm welcome at the entrance. The place is big enough to accommodate 50+ people. Big oval plates with number of bowls placed in front of us is quickly filled within few minutes by the servers. Started with the salads, pickles, papad, starters. 
We were served papaya salad, 

Moongdal Rasiya Dhokla: One of the best I had! That perfectly cooked crust, spices and flavours! Highly Recommended! (5/5)
Paneer Lifafa: Spiced crumbled paneer wrapped in the thin crisp envelope of all purpose flour and then deep fried to perfection! Highly Recommended! (5/5)
Palak Patta Chaat: Again, a very scrumptious bowl of taste. Spinach leaves deep fried and presented as chaat by combining it with thick curd, chutneys, sev and garnished with coriander. Could not just stop eating it! (4.5/5)
Dal Baati Churma: Baati was good, crust could have been more crispy, mixed dal was poured over it along with the laddle full of ghee. Churma was excellent with perfect amount of sweetness. (4/5)

Done with the starters, our plate was loaded with the main course. One after the other, all the bowls were filled with the delicacies. Main course had 
Paneer Gulshan - Cottage Cheese prepared in traditional tomato gravy. Paneer was soft and fresh, gravy was excellent with medium spice. (4/5)
Angoori Cabbage - A home-styled preparation. Very basic, mildly spiced. (3.5/5)
Aloo Tamatar Kaju Rassedar - One of my favourite preparation. Potato and Tomato cooked in rich cashewnuts gravy tasted best with the fluffy puris (4/5)
Haldi nu Shak - Excellent healthy winter food. Turmeric or Haldi cut in small pieces sauteed in the traditional pickle spices like fenugreek, mustard seeds. Very very delish! (5/5)
Goond ka Laddoo - We used to eat this homemade a lot. Here also, it was very homely prepared. Tasted good (3.5/5)
Surti Undhiyu - One of the most savoured dish in winters. All the green vegetables like methi, papdi, peas combined with aubergines and methi muthiyas makes an excellent combo. Superbly tasted with the hot fluffy puris. (4.5/5)
Suva Lilva sabzi - Am not a big fan of suva bhaji but this was nicely made with the combination of corn. Had this with the health packed bajre ka rotla(4/5)
Adadiya Pak is quite a common power packed dish, we have everyday in the morning. The modak shaped urad dal sweet was bit dry for me. I would not mind adding more ghee to it! Haha! (3/5)

Desserts had my favourite..
Sitafal Basundi - Made with sitafal pulp, it was lacking the freshness, though the taste was very good. Would not mind having it though! :) (3.5/5)
Dudhi Halwa - Grated bottlegourd cooked in simmered milk with mild sweetness made this dish delish! (3.5/5)
Gulabi Jalebi - Thin, crisp fried Jalebis dunked in rose syrup. I anyways love jalebis and this was no exception (4/5)

Gajar ka Halwa - Mandatory winter preparation. Gajar ka Halwa is an all time favourite. Our winter meal is incomplete without this dessert.

Overall, value for money. You get what you pay for. Prices are competitive with Rs.370 AI. A must try meal this winter! :) Enjoy few more photos! :)

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