Mojo Pizza – Delicious Pizzas home delivered! — Reviewed!

Pizza is love! Rightly said, "There is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza in your hand!" Apart from so many global brands of pizzas in India - be it Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa John's, it is great to see local brands are also catching up the pace. Mojo Pizza seems to be a promising start up with amazing range of pizzas. So, what make them special..
  • Economic range
  • Loads of Toppings
  • One Size - 10" medium
  • Fresh Base with added herbs
  • On Time delivery
  • Easy to Order
  • Amazing Offers

Economic Range because the pizzas starts from Rs. 190+ taxes and that too a medium range 10" pizza. Isn't it worth a try? And if you want more cheesy, add on Cheese Blast base with just an extra of Rs.90. Still it is pocket friendly. A single pizza is easy to totally fill your tummy and I am sure, you don't wanna share.

Generous toppings make it more desirable. You can customise those too. I love Jalapenos and Olives! What about you people? Surely worth every penny! What I liked quite different is the slowly risen base with added herbs which makes it light, and not chewy. Every bite has the flavour. Those toppings and the base and that too cheese blast..your meal is sorted!

I would also like to mention the proactive staff and the on time delivery of the pizzas. We ordered from the Bavdhan branch and our Pizzas were delivered 5 minutes before the scheduled time and that too hot and fresh! Oh, that aroma! Packing was intact and not messy. Well, you must be wondering, what did we order?

We are vegetarians and had equal amount of choice. So, here is what we ordered..
  • Farm Fresh with Cheese Blast
  • Some Like It Hot with Cheese Blast
  • Crowded House with Cheese Blast and
  • Choco Lava Cakes
Yes! Yes! I love it with cheese base and if Pizzas are there, they have to be cheesy! So, starting with the Farm Fresh Pizza with Cheese Blast (Rs.190+90). Very basic pizza yet classic. Crunchy onions, capsicum and tomatoes were generous and tasted best with that cheesy base. Very economic and worth every bite.

My most most most favourite of the lot was Some Like it hot! (Rs. 410+90) Why? Because, I am a spicy food lover and this pizza was all about hotness.Red Paprika, Spicy Jalapenos, Golden Corn, Capsicum,Tomato and Cheeeeese. Not toooo spicy though. With every single bite, I could taste the spiciness of Jalapenos and Paprika while its balanced with sweetness of Golden Corn. Not saying more, just go and try this one for sure!

Crowded House (Rs.490+90) as the name suggests is the party of toppings on the herbed cheesy base. Extra Cheese, Paneer Cubes, Spicy Jalapenos, Black Olives, Golden Corn, Capsicum and Onions is what can make your pizza perfect! Quite a heavy pizza.

So, after that heavy meal, I just gorged on the gooeing, flowing, chocolatey lava cake (Rs.60). It was hot, sweet and chocolatey, just the way, I like it. So yum!

As I mentioned about the offers, they are a steal. Check out on their website for some amazing buy. I am surely going to try other variants soon. Have you all tried it? If not, please try it today. I am not comparing the quality and quantity with any other brands. Mojo Pizzas have their own style of preparation which makes them different.
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