Happy Munching – Terra Chips — Reviewed!

I usually like to have small portions of the meal all the day and prefer to grab the munchies in between. Usually, for untimely hunger pangs, we often go for junk like pizza, coke, potato chips etc but what if we get some amazing natural and exotic alternative. Browsing for some choices on Amazon, I found Terra Chips which is a gourmet real exotic vegetable chips with four ranges in India– Mediterranean, Original, Sweet Medley and Blues. It has natural, exotic ingredients which make it guilt-free to eat.

The idea to start Terra was a forward thinking of two chefs in New York. Now the brand is 20+ years old and yes people are loving it. I tried Terra – real vegetable chips – original which had basic sea salt flavor. While Mediterranean have a hint of lemon and herbs, Blues are made with naturally grown blue potatoes. I wanted to try the basic one and the best part is, it has all the goodness of root vegetables like Taro, Sweet Potato, Parsnip, Yuca, Batata, and Ruby dipped veggies (veggies are kissed with beet juice to give the autumn red color). The Ruby dipped chips is the most dramatic and colored.

When you open the packet of ready to eat savory, you will be hooked on to the vibrant colors, flavors, and delectable crunch. What makes it special is the sourcing of unique veggies from a selected group of farmers. The color, the crunch, the flavors make them unique in comparison to other brands. You can much these endlessly and that too guilt-free.

The awesome packet of chips is a mix of root vegetables, canola oil or sunflower oil, sea salt and beet juice. What more can you ask for? The intimate process of crafting the chips remains the same for all varieties. It is Gluten Free and NonGMO. I just couldn’t resist myself and ate half a packet in one go. It is not only good to carry while traveling for gourmet healthy snacking but also a party starter. I also keep them for guests or friends.

Priced at Rs. 385 for 141 gms. Bit steep but it is guiltless snacking after all. You can follow them on Facebook or visit their website or check Big Basket for some amazing ranges.