Blogmint – Influencer Marketing Platform

What and why a blog? Blog is an online diary, a platform where you can share your ideas, knowledge, experiences, thoughts to the world. You connect with like-minded people and share your opinions with them.
When we make a blog, we are clueless about what and where to start from. Almost everyone has a blog, be it active or not. Same was my case 8 years back when I wrote my first blog post. I have been asked several times, how to manage a blog. First and most important thing about blogging is you need to be consistent, patient and have increased social activity.
Blog needs social engagements and it is necessary to reach right audience. While browsing, I came across Blogmint which is Asia's First automated platform that connects brands and influencers. Not only brands but also influencers can get benefited by Blogmint. From product launch to brand awareness, it is useful to everyone. And trust me Blogmint is easy..
  • Sign-up
  • Discover campaigns
  • Apply (if eligible, you will be notified)
  • Write and Submit Blog
  • Get Paid...:)
You can also connect your social media handles with them and increase your exposure. I have been associated with them for really long and I am one happy influencer! What better can it be to write and get paid so what you guys are waiting for. Just make a blog, sign-up on Blogmint and start writing.


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