Shine Spa – Rejuvenating experience at Sheraton Grand — Reviewed!

I love being a woman, I am grateful for all the opportunities I am given and for the freedom I experience. Being a woman is a blessing. We have the strength to overcome troubles, smile during stress and we grow stronger with hopes. We need to be pampered. One such day is International Women's day which falls on 8th March where we have the official reason to take a break from usual schedule.

With all the work I do for hours, sitting in front of the screen and driving to the corners of the city, the body needs some opportunity to sit back, relax. What can be a better way to treat me with the most rejuvenating spa treatment. I went to the Shine Spa, which is located on the 9th floor of the Sheraton Grand hotel, Pune. It is designed simplistically to encourage positive vibes and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. 

Beautifully done floor, comforting white sofas in sync with the wall color, soothing music, and a bowl of water with rose petals at the center table is the basic holistic set-up. I was welcomed by Ms.Seema Dixit with a smiling face at the reception. Post-filling the details of the preferences, I was offered welcome drink with a prune.

I took a quick tour of the spa which had 4 single rooms for the massage while 1 couple room. Each room has a different and quite apt name like Rejuvenate, Rekindle etc. I was suggested to try the Women's Day Package which was 120 minutes of pure bliss at just Rs.4000+taxes. And trust me that was the best decision to try. 120 minutes included...
Shine Facial: 60 minutes
Shina Spa Massage with Steam: 60 minutes

I entered 'Rejuvenate' room with my therapist. I chose to take Shine Spa massage first, followed by Steam and Facial. My Spa treatment started with the feet cleaning and I was then asked to undress and lay down with face down on the bed. My face was facing the floor and all I could see was a bowl full of aromatic rose petals. So soothing. Background music was relaxing and mood elevating especially the water drops sound. 

Massage started with the lavender fragrant oil lightly poured onto my body with customised massage strokes starting with back, then legs, shoulders. When asked for preferences, mine was lower back, shoulders, and feet where extra pressure was put for complete relaxation. The essence was deeply smoothed onto the skin, deeply nourished and hydrated. Hot potlis with an exotic mixture of potent
herbs were also placed on the areas which need pain relief. 

I was also head massaged and wow! it was again so rejuvenating. Your body feel so light as if you are floating, all the 60 minutes, I was in the another world. You forget everything! Just positive vibes, pure mind, soul and healthy body is focused. So so good. Those 60 minutes were gone in just 60 seconds!

Post Spa, it was the steam session and in the attached steam room as I entered it was all mystic. What an experience! I was supposed to take the steam for 5 minutes only but I didn't want to come out. Steam was coming out with the perfect temperature. So relaxing and it warmed the muscles which aided in the therapeutic benefits. I also took shower, shampooed and came out of the bathroom all fresh!

Now was the time for the 65 minutes of Shine Facial. This intensive treatment is filled with phenomenal benefits. I was again laid on the bed with face upwards. Gently sprayed with fresh water, the facial started with the gentle massage of the face with Oxyzomes which releases vitamin C into the skin throughout the day. The immediate visible result is more youthful appearance and radiant glow. The process of face massage, the mild scrub was repeated twice. It was so rejuvenating. My skin felt so fresh and glowing. It was overall 120 minutes of de-stressing, muscle relaxing and revitalisation of body experience. I will highly recommend this combo offer of Shine Spa and Shine Facial with Steam bath. It is a steal for the services offered. Go ahead and book yourself an appointment at the earliest. 
There are other treatments like Thai massage, Deep tissue massage, Abhyanga Massage, Lava Shell Massage, Bamboo Massage, Potli Massage for which are beneficial as per your needs.

What: Shine Facial and Shine Spa Treatment, Women's Day offer
When: 4th March 2017 - 12th March 2017
Where: Shine Spa, Sheraton Grand, Bund Garden Road, Pune
Cost: Rs. 4000+ taxes


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