Place of Origin - Local Food delivered at your door steps!

You do not need a silver fork to eat good food, what you need is a foodie soul. Being a foodie, I always love to try new cuisines and explore new areas of it. Personally, I love to travel places to eat and try the local flavours and am curious to know the history behind it. India is versatile in very term and the food is the thing which connects us. Right from Rosogullas of Kolkata to Ghewar of Jaipur to Banana Chips of South to dry-fruits of North, each place has its own specialty food. And it is true we all have some fond memories of good food at our native place.

Sometimes while working in Pune, I crave for Indori Ratlami Sev or Theplas from Gujarat and the cravings are so intense that I wish I had some super power and reach the place in no time. Haha! I so was thinking what if we get all the local specialties in one click. And yes, the wish is granted by, an online portal and a Craftsvilla entity brings those special foods at your doorsteps that are difficult to find locally.

Place of Origin is India's first and largest platform for famous local delicacies and what I liked about is..
  • Honest pricing,
  • Reliable delivery directly from origin
  • Exemplary service
  • 100% Authentic products
  • Wide range
  • The comfort of your home. 

Do check out their website to explore some wide range of local foods be it sweet, snacks or staples like Masala Muri, Premium Gulkand, Chicken Thokku, Karela Chips, Peanuts and yayy they have new addition of some amazing varieties like Fresh mangoes, Oats, Organic Sugarcane Juice Powder, Brownie, Almond Fudge, Pickles, Crackers, and Sweets too! Yes, a one stop solution of all the sweet cravings I had. The best part is you get options to choose for Vegetarian, Nut free, Lactose-free too! Whenever 'sweet' word comes in, I am always reminded of Laddoo. Ha! There are so many Laddoos - Aate ka, Besan ka, Dal ka which we used to eat and grab some of them to share with friends. I was stunned to see the large selection of Laddoos at Places of Origin – Dry Fruits, Gond, Mango, Shev, Orange, Puffed Rice, Badam, Anjeer, Pan Bahar to name a few.

I have made a list of my favourite laddoos. Have you? If not, go and check their website for authentic, local and fresh products.