Thai Food Feast at Sheraton Grand — Reviewed!

I love Thai food. Why? Because it emphasises on freshly ground spices, light dishes with a strong aroma and a spicy edge. The final dish is the harmonious result of the combination of the unlike elements. Each single dish demonstrates the finesse maintaining the texture, details, colors and taste. It is just burst of all fundamental taste senses in the mouth. No wonder it is one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

I like the simplicity and freshness of the dishes in Thai Food. And when it comes to the food prepared by the local Thai Chef, my happiness knows no boundaries. Feast - Sheraton Grand, Pune has come up with the 10 day Thai Food Festival, headed by Masterchef Tiwaporn Metta from Thailand.

The extensive buffet spread has a combination of Thai food and the regular dishes, in case you want to enjoy different cuisines. You can see grills, salads, curries, starters, main course, desserts presented beautifully. Amongst the appealing salads, I tried my hands on Som Tam, Som Tom Khao Pod, and Yum Pollamai. Each salad had a different texture and the taste. Som Tam, the most common green papaya salad was juicy, tangy, spicy and crunchy. It had goodness of cherry tomatoes, papaya, peanuts, lime, and sugar. Wonderful combination.

Another mouth-watering salad. It was unique with the usage of glass noodles. Just WOW! The Salad was basic but full of flavours of onions, peanuts, spicy lime dressing that puckers your lips and revives your senses. A must try!

Yum Pollamai - Has to be yum! The Spicy fruits salad blew me away with the medley of flavours. Spicy, tangy salad is a perfect follow on for moving at the main course. Pineapple, grapes, mangoes, kiwis chopped to perfection and topped with lime juice and some spices. Awesome!

I tried Satay from the grills. With the choice of multiple veggies and non-veg; I asked for sweet potatoes and baby corn. Beautifully marinated and grilled still maintaining the base taste. Scrumptious.

With an array of the main course, I was willing to try the authentic Thai Food. So, from the buffet, tried Pad Ce Awe, a flat noodle preparation, stir fried with loads of vegetables. This is quite popular in the streets Thailand. The soft, chewy rice noodles were fresh with the added crunch of veggies.

How can I forget my favourite Thai Curry. Packed with flavours and healthy punch, Thai Yellow curry was releasing the delectable aroma. It was served with the Jasmine rice enveloped in the banana leaf to keep the flavour and aroma intact. As soon as you open it, wow! That fragrance, taste of rice combined with curry becomes irresistible. Highly Recommended dish!

Few of the desserts too were Thai inspired. I had Tub Tim Krob, Khao Niew, Phuk Thong Kati and Cake Gluay Hom. Each dessert had the traditional Thai touch. Basic ingredients, flavoursome. Water chestnuts, mangoes, bananas were one of the few ingredients for the desserts. Loved everything!
What: Traditional Thai Feast
Where: Feast, Sheraton Grand, Sasoon Road, Pune
When: 21st April 2017 to 30th April 2017; 7 pm onwards
Cost: Rs.1375 plus taxes.
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