Timesaverz- The Home Services Specialist — Reviewed!

How good do you feel when you get everything at your doorstep. Being a working person, I always was in stress for the overload of work and pending home tasks. Right from small cleaning to painting to repairs, everytime we had to be dependent on local mechanics who are either pre-occupied, charge heftily, partial-skilled, or come on their convenience after several reminders. It is a headache to deal with them. Has this ever happened to you that for just a single task, weeks pass by but no one turns up.

One of my friends suggested me to try Timesaverz. When I browsed through it, I found it as a savior of my life. Life was sorted. If you want to know how, check their website or read my personal experience. But first let me tell you about Timesaverz. As the name mentions, it is an online portal of Home service specialists who make our life easy. In the fast metro life, where one is unable to control the multi-tasks, Timesaverz is there to offer specialized services at door step and that too with just one click. They adhere to what they promise. Quality, details and customer service is maintained.

With the temperatures soaring high, I am sure, it is next to impossible to live without Air Conditioner. It is just important to keep an eye on the AC functioning, it has to be doing perfect cooling to make us comfortable through summers. Just one lazy summer day, when I was about to take a nap, I found AC was not working properly. Nothing could clicked but the Timesaverz. I had downloaded their App which is easy to use, quick too.

The experience would cover right from how easy and convenient was the booking from the Timesaverz app. Just click, select the service you need and well trained executive comes and voila, it is done. Yes, it is that easy. Within few hours, the AC was done and I was super happy! Best part is just Click, Book, Pay (Before or After) and Relax. If you are not happy you can get return also. So, what you are waiting for, download the TimesaverzApp and enjoy multiple services at your door step.