Sushi and Tempura Wednesday – Feast, Sheraton Grand, Pune — Reviewed!

What: Sushi and Tempura Wednesday
Where: Feast, Sheraton Grand
When: Every Wednesday; Dinner only
Cost: Rs.1295/- plus taxes

My charming Sushi has dragged me places to try different varieties and this time its at Feast. With the monsoons onset, tempuras and sushis are a great combination. Sheraton Grand has been doing a day per week for speciality cuisines like....
  • Sushi and Tempura on Wednesday
  • Lebanese on Friday
  • Mexican on Saturday to cater the needs of all. 
And best part is that these are the bonus to the actual buffet. Yes! The prices are unchanged for the dinner buffet and patrons can enjoy the speciality cuisines along with the regular buffet at no extra cost.

Those who are still trying to prepare their palate for Sushi must know some differences between Sushi, Sashimi and Nigiri though all are the cold cuts. While Sushi uses rice, vegetables and nori sheets, Sashimi is just the meat and no other ingredients and Nigri is sashimi served on a molded rectangle of rice. So, I tried three types one of each from the separate section of the cold along with the wonderful spread.

Tempura are the Japanese version of Indian Pakoras or bhajiyas but the only difference is the light batter has a fluffy texture by using cold water. The buffet had a live counter for freshly made tempura.
Take your pick of favourite fish or vegetables and chef will serve fresh ones on the table. Some of the varieties of tempura included...
  • Nasu (Eggplant tempura)
  • Ebi (Shrimp)
  • Shitake (Mushrooms)
  • Ayu (Sweetfish)
  • Okra (Ladyfinger)
  • Ninjin (Carrot)
  • Satsuma lmo (Sweet Potato)
  • Ika (Squid)
I tried all veggie tempura and sweet potato being my favourite. The crust of tempura was nice, fluffy and crispy and without salt, the way it should be. Bit oily and the veggies were overly coated with the batter which was making it difficult to eat in one go. You must try it with the tentsuyu sauce served with the tempura.

Overall it was a good experience. Something new and exciting I learnt about the authentic way of preparing it. If you want to try the Sushi and Tempura, you know where to head on any Wednesday.