Khiva – A state of royalty! — Reviewed!

Khiva, a popular restaurant from Mumbai has just opened its another outlet in Pune. Many of us are unaware that Khiva is also a location in Uzbekistan and is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Located at Phoenix Market City on the third floor, Khiva is at par with the other fantastic brands like Indigo Delicatessen, Copper Chimney. What's special about this place? Well, unlike conventional restaurants serving regular Punjabi, Italian, Continental food, Khiva serves amazing Persion and Bhukhara cuisine which is sometimes mistaken by Punjabi and Mughali ones. I am so glad Pune is slowly becoming the hub to such distinguished cuisine serving restaurants.

Ambience:: A big majestic gate with replica 'mashaals' at the entrance, transparent kitchen, dim lights, folk music in the background, wooden furnishings, big lamps and the huge painting of polo are some of the points of attraction. Intricate carvings at the copper jug, copper glass, beautifully organized table surely is charming to begin a memorable meal.

Food:: Dining at Khiva is not only limited to the food but also is an experience in itself. The cuisines as I mentioned are Peshawari and Bhukhara with loads of richness and culture to it. The menu has Shorbas, Kebabs, Tandoori items, Sea food, Curries, Rice, Breads and Desserts. I was glad to see wide choice of vegetarian food too.
Following are the dishes I tried....
Tamatar Shorba (4/5)
Chowki ki Tikki (3.5/5)
Peshawari Paneer Tikka (4.5/5)
Makai Seekh Kebabs (3.5/5)
Cheese Kurkure (4/5)
Mutter aur Cheese ka Tikka (4.5/5)
Dal Khiva (4.5/5)
Meloni Tarkari (3.5/5)
Subz Nargisi Kofta (4/5)
Chhole Rawalpindi (4/5)
Subz Biryani (4.5/5)
Butter Roti (4/5)
Baked Anjeer Halwa (3.5/5)
Lychee ki Tehree (4.5/5)
Khubani ka Meetha (3.5/5)
Elaichi Jamun (4/5)
Zaffrani Angoori Rasmalai (4.5/5)

The fresh preparations take time to serve until then the hungry patrons are served with complimentary Parra, which were the savoury colorful, flavoured sticks eaten with different chutneys like Chilli-Tomato, Tamarind-Guava and Mint-cheese. Bit hard but I loved the spinach one amongst all.

Our lunch meal started with warm Tamater Shorba which was nice soup with prominent Indian spices to fuel the stomach. Chowki ki Tikki was a regular potato patties stuffed with cheese and raisins. It was bit sweet, medium spiced and paired well with the tangy tamarind chutney.

Peshawari Paneer Tikka was fresh and creamy malai paneer marinated with yellow chilli and other spices and char grilled. The spices may not look in color but it was a hit. I loved the balanced flavours and the way it was cooked retaining the moisture of paneer. Recommended!

Makai Seekh Kebab on the contrary was bit dry to me. No complaints as it happens with all the veg seekh kebabs. It had spiced corns, herbs and veggies.

Next on the plate was Cheese Kurkure. A deep fried starter can almost never disappoint. Wheat dough warq was filled with mushroom and cheese. Oh I so loved it! The crunchy outer texture, creamy cheesy bite and spicy mushroom was a crowd pleaser. Recommended!

Star dish or the signature dish which made its way on our table was the Mutter aur Cheese Ka Tikka. The green color of the tikka was eye-catching, which it got from green peas and herbs. Best part it was stuffed with cheese so with each bite one can feel the gooey, cheesy, crispy Tikka. Recommended!

Gourmet Curries I had for main course were exotic and delectable. Each dish was cooked on charcoal grill and have the smokey flavour.
Dal Makhani - It was slow cooked lentil simmered with tomatoes, ginger garlic, cream and butter on top to give a creamy texture. It was one of the best I had in near future. Highly Recommended!
Meloni Tarkari was non other than mixed veggies prepared with cream. Loved it. Medium spiced veggies went well with the butter roti.
Subz Nargirsi Kofta were just too good. Bit sweet but rich in onion tomato gravy with spices.

Rice is an integral part of the meal for the mountain people. So even after being stuffed to the brim, we had to try Subz Biryani. Oh the aroma of the rice was killer. Creamy veggies layered with aromatic rice and drizzled with strong rose and kevda water flavour made it irresistible. Highly Recommended!

Not a dessert person, but was tempted to try Lychee Ki Tehri, chef's speciality. It was deliciously sweet enough to give a sugar high. Gulabjamuns were awesome too, just balanced sweet, the way I like it. Khubani ka Meetha was the overdose of sweet though it was a creamy preparation of dried apricots stewed in honey and garnished with dry fruits. It was bit high on sugar for me. Angoori Rasmalai was sinful with oodles of milk and pistachios. Recommended!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Since they started just a few days ago, the service needs a bit of improvement, which I am sure will. Prices are slightly steep but the quality and taste of food is worth it. Do visit if you want to relive the history and experience some uncommon delicacies. Cheers!

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