La Gustosa – Great Ambience and Lovely Italian Food — Reviewed!

Tucked away in one of the lanes of Kothrud, La Gutosa is located just 100 mts away from karve putala on the main road, thus easy to locate. From outside, it is just alike any other cafe but once you enter you will be in love with the interiors. I loved the ambience. Feels like sitting and dining at some Italian home. White walls adorned with the photo frames, small mock windows with floral decoration, transparent kitchen, blackboard menu, makes the place pretty interesting. I have been there twice and none of the time I was disappointed.

We started with the mocktails first...
Cranberry Ice Tea - Nice, Refreshing drink! (4/5)
Peach Ice Tea - Bit Sweet and would skip it next time.(3/5)
Spiced Strawberry - Recommended because of the balanced subtle balance of sweetness of strawberry and spiciness of Jalapenos. The hint of spice was just perfect. (4.5/5)
In Soups we had...
Minestrone Soup (4/5)
Pollo Funghi Soup (3.5/5)
Zucca e Pori Soup (4/5)

Thick Italian soup with veggies and pasta is the Minestrone Soup. Bit spicy and tangy. Loved the aroma of it. Tasted best in the rainy season.

Pollo Funghi was next. The hearty mushroom soup was thick and creamy with the pure essence of mushrooms. Was slightly high on salt but that can be asked to adjust as per your palate.
Zucca e Pori or Pumpkin and Leek Soup was a perfect blend of sweet, savoury and spices. An excellent soup for the colder months. Pumpkin gives a very nice texture and taste. I personally loved it. How can I forget the delicious, scrumptious, super crunchy garlic bread provided with the soup. Totally in love with it. Must try!

I am a salad person. Was willing to try so ended up with the Caprese Salad. That Mozzarella chunks, tomato, pesto sauce and lettuce surely was too flavourful. Slight tangy, spicy. Highly Recommended!

Siciliana Bruschettas were up next as antipasto. Perfectly grilled bread was loaded with tomatoes, olive, feta and generously drizzled olive oil. Nice presentation and tasted good too. Recommended!

In pastas we tried...
Ravioli (2/5)
Risotto di Verdur (3/5)
Fettuccine (4/5)

Ravioli had spinach and cream filling and poured with lemon sauce. Plating was good though the lemon sauce was too tart and was hitting. Filling was scrumptious though and I wish the sauce was milder. Bit Disappointing. But I am sure, chef will certainly do some magic to it. 
Risttto di Verdur or the vegetable risotto was good and not exceptional. Had overdose of bell peppers. The creaminess was missing. Adding a bit of cheese and butter might uplift the flavours.

I was really looking forward to Fettuccine and trust me one of the finest dishes for our lunch we had. Absolutely delicious marinara sauce and perfectly cooked pasta. What else you would want. Bit spicy and full of flavours. A must try.

Pizzas we tried...
Di Veroure Griglia (3.5/5)
Funghi Speziato (4.5/5)

Chef Anish Dutta makes these hand-stretched pizzas which are quite delish. The first one, Di Veroure Griglia, was with grilled veggies. Somehow, this dish lacked flavours and not even the veggies were interesting. Had to skip this one.

Tried another one, the mushroom pizza, basic yet scrumptious. Olives, Mushrooms, loaded with cheese, this flavour packed pizza was super yumm. The crunch, taste everything was just fantastic. Highly Recommended!

Dark Chocolate Cake (5/5)
Tiramisu (4/5)
Cannoli (3.5/5)

Dark Chocolate Cake was just out of this world. So so heavenly! I would say, it was death by chocolate. Dense dark chocolate was pure indulgence. Highly Recommended.

served in cup was beautifully presented. Rum and coffee soaked ladyfinger topped with mascarpone and cream was good. Coffee flavour was mild and could be tasted when you dig uptil the end. Overall, it was a decent dish.

Cannoli looked stunning. The three fillings – Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla were scrumptious. My top favourite was chocolate but the shell was cannoli was bit thick in my opinion. Shared the suggestion with the chef and he happily agreed to do corrections.

The pretty place is a must-visit for people who are looking for calm ambience, scrumptious food, especially pizza and a courteous staff. Prices are bit steep but the quantity matches up the value. I will be going back to this place. Do visit and share your experience in the comments below.

Till then, happy eating! :)

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