Oozo Bar and Diner – Scrumptious food and fantastic ambience! — Reviewed!

When an impromptu trip to Mumbai turns out to be one the finest tasting there, precisely at Oozo, Sakinaka. The entrance is a small cylindrical aluminium capsule which is also the escape to the elite place. Oozo Bar and Diner is apportioned into three distinctive dining experiences –
  • Lounge and Bar Area, 
  • Casual Dining,
  • Terrace Seating

Side walls and stairs to the lounge are decked up with the quirky frames and quotes. On the first floor, on the right is the Lounge and on the left is the casual dining. The upscale environment is the perfect combination of the lounge's lip-smacking cocktails, mocktails crafted by trained mixologist and the inspired contemporary music. Dim disco lights, cosy, lavish couches, high chairs, are enough for mood-uplift.

While casual dining is more for families, the walls are adorned with the hand made colorful and vibrant paintings. White-Red are the prominent color in this theme. You will not miss the guitar placed just at the entrance. An ideal area to enjoy fun time, chatting and eating.

My most favourite section was the roof top or the terrace seating. The ambience promises to an unparalleled dining experience. Open bar area, rustic chairs, big fans, planters, sheesha and the wonderful weather makes it my first choice. Coming on to the blooming of the place, the man behind the Oozo is the Mr. KM Saif, who is a known restaurant, cafe, lounge consultant, and a fantastic chef. He is a magician with his work and especially the food. Why am I going gaga about him? For that you need to try the food. So, read further and take a virtual tour through my blog...:)

Drinks we had...
  • Jalapeno Margarita (4.5/5)
  • Krazy Currant (4/5)
  • Ying Yang Martini (5/5)
  • Cilantro Jalapeno Pineapple Kick (4/.55)
  • Flaming Lamborghini
  • Saif Special Tipsy Glass
Starting with the Jalapeno Margarita, it was a kick-ass combination of Jalapeno, salt, lime juice, lemonade and crushed ice. People who like their drink not too sweet but bit spicy can go ahead with it.

Krazy Currant, a luscious red colored drink, served in the pepper rimmed martini glass is a fab concoction of black currant, grape juice, black salt, white pepper and lemon juice. This 'chatak' tangy, sweet drink was super yum.

Out of the box drink, Ying Yang Martini (non-alcoholic), was not only eye-pleasing but also lip-smacking. A must have for the chocolate lovers. Yeah! It had a fine balance of chocolate, whipped cream, coconut milk, vanilla ice-cream, m.n.ms and chocolate shavings to shape the ying yang sign. Soothing flavours, mild sweetness of coconut and offcourse chocolate adds to it. Highly Recommended!

Next was the refreshing Cilantro Pineapple Kick which had fresh pineapple, fresh coriander for that color, jalapeno for the spice and pineapple juice for the tanginess. Burst of flavours with first sip. Highly Recommended! Flaming Lamborghini and Saif Special Tipsy Glass are the signature and must try for the alcohol lovers. It will be a different experience in itself.

Started our meal with the following starters....
  • Royal Saffron Nachos (5/5)
  • Korean Cheese Nachos (4.5/5)
  • Papas Ala Saif (5/5)
  • Rendang Cottage Cheese (5/5)
  • Tenderstem Chipotle Chilli and Chickpeas Mini Cakes (4.5/5)
  • Mini Potato Cheese Lollypop (5/5)
  • Sambal Baby Potatoes (4.5/5)
Nachos are the best munchies to start your meal and fuel your tummy. I would have never thought the look and taste Mr. Saif have given to such a common dish. Saffron flavoured nacho chips, topped with saffron cheese sauce, black olives and served with tomato salsa. Ooh it was true foodporn! The cheesy, gooey filling nachos were just mind blowing. Highly Highly Recommended!

Spinach flavoured nachos? Yes! You can find at Oozo. The Korean Cheese nachos topped with guchujang which is a korean hot pepper paste, spiced cheese sauce, bell peppers, olives, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan. How can it go wrong. A meal in itself. Highly Recommended!

And the most awaited and popular dish was the Papas Ala Saif. As I said, Chef Saif is a magician. This dish is his creation and believe me if you are coming here, Papas is a must try. Why? Offcourse, it has fried potatoes discs covered with spicy yellow pepper cheese sauce, and black olives. Oh so yum. The crunch of potatoes and the chessiness just leave you wanting for more. Highly Recommended!

Rendang Cottage Cheese was next in the starters. Thai style paneer is a literal meaning. Cottage cheese cubes tossed in the mixture of galangal, lemon grass, garlic, ginger, shallots, thai red chilli and finished with coconut milk. It had the influence from Malaysia and Indonesia. Spicy, sweet and crunchy, all in one dish was also one of my favourite. Highly Recommended!

Next on our table was the Tenderstem Chipotle Chili and Chickpeas mini cakes. It had chopped cauliflower, mixed with chickpeas, parmesan, onion, basil, and chipotle chilli. Pretty decent in taste. Crunchy layer outside and soft inside, these cakes were swiped in no time. Recommended!

Potatoes and Cheese can never go wrong! :) So, when we had Potato Cheese Lollypop, my belief was strengthened. Hot balls of potatoes oozing cheese was the best thing. Loved the texture and the taste. Cheesy and gooey with balanced flavours. Highly Recommended!

Sambal Baby potatoes were extremely yum. Baby potatoes deep fried and sauteed in perfect spices and veggies. Sweet, tangy and spicy. Must have!

While having lunch, rain god showered its blessings on us and our experience of meal was double folded. While enjoying the nature, we had our main course (Though we were full by the starters only; but the side effects of being a food blogger; no complaints though! hehehe)
Main course was as...
  • Locro De Zapallo (4/5)
  • Vegetarian Bulgogi (Didn't try)
First we had Locro De Zapallo. This red pumpkin stew based dish which was cooked with onion, garlic, potatoes, green peas, veg stock, yellow pepper paste, oregano, cream, cheese, coriander and served with parsley rice and sauteed baby potatoes. The pumpkin curry or stew was creamy and bit sweet because of pumpkin. The veggies in it were making it heavy and rich. It had perfect consistency and texture with veggies cooked to perfection. It went well with the flavoured rice. Recommended!

Did not try the next dish (we were really full...phew!) But if you want to order, mentioning you for the reference. Vegetarian Bulgogi is a korean dish with grilled cottage cheese cubes, mushroom cooked with garlic, onion, soya sauce, black pepper and gichujang. It looked tempting. I assume it to be tangy and spicy. May be I will try in my next visit.

Last but not the least, for our separate stomach of desserts, we had Nutella Pretzel Shake which looked so pretty, sinfully chocolatey. Milk, Chocolate Ganache, Nutella, Vanilla Ice-cream, Pretzel garnished with nutella, pretzel sticks. A must have for all the chocolate lovers. Highly Recommended!

One more you can try is the Chocochip Cookie Shake which looked promising. It had Vanilla Ice-cream, Chocochips, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped cream, topped with vanilla ice-cream and cookies.

One good news for all the sheesha lovers, they offer you variety of sheesha at Oozo. I had mint one and it was mild to start with for the first-timers like me. They have so many amazing flavours. Ask with the manager and order accordingly.

Overall, Oozo has the vibes to attract the crowd with the good food, quick service and fantastic ambience. Single place catering to different interests of different people under one roof. So, if you are in Mumbai or planning to Mumbai, do not miss this place! Thank you Chef K.M Saif for hosting us.

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