Sorriso – Promising new Italian place! — Reviewed!

Sorriso, previously known as Bistro, is the new and improved Italian restaurant of Marriott Suites, headed by young and energetic Chef Jacopo Avigo. Indoor is as usual pretty decent and classy with the open kitchen and wood fire area for those scrumptious pizzas. The thing that surely catches your eyes is the artistically hand-written menu by the tattoo artist of the chef! Aesthetically appealing outdoor seating is inviting during the evenings.

What I love about Italian food is the freshly used ingredients and the dish itself is wholesome. Chef Avigo has his roots in Italy and offcourse the authentication is not questioned. With couple of raw materials he presented us with some of the most scrumptious dishes I had. I loved the digital menu with the chef posing differently. Creative ha!
We started our dinner post some introduction of the chef and his style of cooking. The bread basket was served to us along with some old classy wines. And then came the Oh So WOW! Handmade Gourmet Pizza. With all the menu divided into veg and non-veg, I'll be covering the veg side of it. So, the Fungi Signature Gourmet Pizza was drool-worthy! How is it different? Well, the base sauce and the double fermented pizza dough. The Mushroom sauce on the pizza base, topped with burrata, truffle, basil and tomato confit was enough to tempt anyone. The hand-stretched was one of the best pizzas I had in recent times. Highly Recommended!

As we went course by course, Zuppa or the soup came next. Pappa al Pomodoro or the thick soup was more like tomato paste. It had cubes of celery, onions, carrots, fresh basil and tomatoes. The aroma and flavours came out because of the slow-cooking. Bit tangy and quite thick. Not alike the usual soups we have.

Next course was the Antipasti or the starters. We tried beautifully plated Scamorza Fusa, or the smoked Mozzarella with the caramelised onions, radicchio leaf and a chunk of pure pan brioche. Scamorza had smokey flavour and was bit chewy. Liked it though. Recommended.

Another beautiful plating of our next course, the salad or Insalata. We tried Rapa Rossa in which beet-root is the hero ingredient. Beetroot, Greek Feta, Peppermint, Sunflower seeds and dressed with a sweet and sour house dressing on the black plate looked pretty. Beet has its peculiar smell but it surely is healthy. Feta uplifted the flavours. Nice.

My most awaited dish, Taglioni Al Limone was the first main course. This handmade ribbon shaped pasta was simple yet flavourful. As I mentioned, basic ingredients like lemon butter sauce and parsley make it more elegant and sophisticated. Highly Recommended.

Second main course was my favourite too. The Risotto ai Funghi e Tartufo, was the scrumptious creamy, rich, mushroom risotto with flavours of generously put truffle oil and topped with parmesan froth and micro-herbs. The pasta and risotto are cooked Al-dante. Not quite usual for Indian palate but it tastes more delicious.

Desserts came next. Tiramisu was expected offcourse. No points for guessing. Another one was the Dark Chocolate Mousse with Saffron sauce. Both were served in the pretty looking jars. Honestly, they failed to impress a big time. While Mousse was lacking the aroma and taste of saffron sauce, the tiramisu had nothing classic.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening. If you are looking for cosy ambience, and yummy Italian Pizzas, Sorriso is the safe bet. Do try and share your experiences in the comment below.

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  1. Very Nice Post! It was beautiful peaceful and relaxing place. Staff was outstanding. The restaurant was really good along with the serving the food.


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