New Poona Bakery – Puffs, Kharis and more... — Reviewed!

We all have grown up eating NanKhatai, Cookies, Khari, with a piping hot cup of tea. Such a basic yet satisfying breakfast story. New Poona Bakery, started in the year 1967, is one of the oldest and largest bakeries in central Pune. The brand has taken over the bakery business to the another level. Apart from the sweet assortments, New Poona Bakery offers a large savory varieties like Pattice, Bread, Toast, Khari etc. Quite popular amongst youths, the cakes and spicy puffs are hot favourites.

Few days back, I received a goodie bag from New Poona Bakery and was asked for the review. So here are the things I tried....
  • Veg Pattice or Puffs
  • Chocolate Cream Rolls
  • Special Toast
  • Shrewsbury Biscuit
  • Maska Butter
  • Walnut Brownie
  • Jeera Namkeen
Flaky Veg Pattice/puff had nice medium spiced potatoes filling. However, since it was packed and delivered, the puffs were bit cold. However, I liked the overall texture and taste.
Chocolate Cream Rolls were super scrumptious. Crispy, Flaky outer layers from outside and gooey chocolatey filling inside. I loved the filling as it had the taste till the last bite.

I next tried Special Toast but somehow nothing was special about it. Found bit try though. However, it tastes good with tea. 

My one of the favourites from the goodie bag were the Shrewsbury biscuits. They are crunchy in each bite, buttery and the aftertaste of vanilla blows away the senses. So drool-worthy!

Maska butter were the big bite-sized butter crusted roundlets. Take a bite just like that, dunk in tea or even slather some butter over it to gobble. Hollow from inside, they are light and easy to digest.

I was bit unhappy with the Walnut Brownie. It had some peculiar taste which made me disinterested. Texture wise, it was gooey and crumbly. Nicely made.

The highly highly addictive thing was the Jeera Namkeen Biscuits. Oh My God! If you are there at NPB, do not forget to purchase it. The buttery, soft, melt-in-mouth biscuits are super super tempting. Highly Recommended!

Guys, I am sure, you must have visited New Poona Bakery, so do not forget to share your experiences with me. Love to read from you.
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