Malaysian Food Festival – Explore the cuisine! — Reviewed!

What: Malaysian Food Festival
Where: Seasonal Tastes, Westin, Pune
When: 18th August 2017- 31st August 2017; dinner only
Cost: Rs.1299++

Malaysian Food is somewhat less explored in India. It is not a cuisine in itself but a beautiful culmination of different cultures like Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian. The rich and spicy influences extend from wok-fried noodles, steaming bowls of fluffy rice and delicate, savoury-yet-sweet Malaysian delicacies to age-old culinary gems and spices.

Currently, Seasonal Tastes at Westin, Pune is hosting a 14-days long Malaysian Food Festival starting 18th August 2017 which is headed by Expat Chef Budiman from Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur. Apart from the regular buffet including Malaysian dishes, there is a Salad section, cold-cuts, Indian cuisines buffet and an extensive dessert section.

We got to learn the insights of Malaysian cuisines from Chef Budiman. He was humble, enthusiastic and proactively sharing the information. Our meal started with the traditional Teh Tarik or Pulled Tea. It is said, more the pull, more the good luck. Fun Fact indeed! Overpowering taste of tea is balanced out by creamy thick milk.

I took Malaysian Jelatah Cik Yob Salad from the counter. It was refreshing combination of Pineapple, Cucumber, and Onion. Loved it. Chef presented us with the Tofu Fritters from the live counter which were served with the peanut sauce, the fritters were perfect monsoon snacks.

Use of baby potatoes, pumpkins, raw mango, beans, peanuts, spices are common in Malaysian style of cooking. From the mains buffet, I tried Pajer Terung (Eggplant Curry), a lip-smacking dish with robust flavours, slightly spicy, tangy and bit sweet. The spices were more like madras curry. Mavak Lemak Sayar or Cottage Cheese, beans, cabbage in coconut curry was the next main course. I loved the spiced Malayasian Fried Rice which went well with the curry. I also tried stir fried Pad Thai Noodles from the live counter.

Amongst the extensive dessert buffet spread, was keen to try the Malay-inspired dessert. As informed by chef, use of coconut, rice and sago is quite common. I tried the sago pudding and coconut stuffed pancakes. Both had subtle flavours and pleasantly light.

So, if you want to explore the Malaysian food, head on to Seasonal Tastes, Westin now. Please do visit and share your experience in the comment box. Enjoy some more photos...:)