TJ's Brew Works and Nudo Pizzas – A fab guilt-free combo! — Reviewed!

Being a teetotaller, every time, I visit a brewery, I am a bit nervous about whether I will be able to justify that place or not but glad Pune's drinking culture is so much evolving these days. It is not only about alcohols but the nibbles or bar snacks are also taken care of. Pune's first and iconic microbreweries, TJ's Brew Works, Amanora Mall, is also in the league.

Ambience and History:: Wooden furnishings, Graffiti Wall, large seating area, open pizza kitchen, brewery are few of the features of the place. Successfully completing its 5th anniversary this July, TJs Brew Works is all set to direct the trend of good food and drinks. The tale behind the new additions in TJ's brewery is quite interesting. It shows how casual talks between two like-minded people can upgrade the existing portfolio. TJ Venkateshwaran, founder TJ’s Brew Works in a casual conversation with partner Girish Monie, whom he met sometime back, discovered they shared similar ideologies for the healthy food choices in life. The new and improved outcome is surely exciting.

Menu:: The two new additions to the existing range of brews available at are the TJ’s Quin B and TJ’s Buck B, made from super seeds Quinoa and Buckwheat respectively. Also, food revolution at TJ’s Brew Works is the introduction of Gluten Free, Grain Free and Guilt-Free Pizzas by Nudo Pizzeria Al Naturale, the brainchild of Girish Monie. Nudo pizzas are made with interesting Superfoods in their 5 Crusts; Almond, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth and Water chestnut, Cauliflower and Whey Protein, with unusual sauces. Why name NUDO? Because they want it to be free - free from all the unhealthy parts in a Pizza. I was pretty excited to try my hands on healthy yet scrumptious food. Following were the things I tried....
  • French Onion Soup (4.5/5)
  • Quinoa Pepita Salad (5/5)
  • Dark Malt Bao with chilli tofu (4/5)
  • TJ's Onion Rings (4.5/5)
  • Veg Cottage Cheese Burgers (4/5)
  • Not Guilty Pizza (4/5)
  • Nude Farm Veg (4/5)
  • Warm Walnut Buckwheat Tart (3/5)
  • Masala Paan Kulfi (4/5)
Started our meal with the French Onion Soup. Simple comforting, rich and flavourful soup gave a kickstart to our dinner. The spent grain bread in the soup was too scrumptious. Caramelized onions were enhancing the flavours. Loved it.

I am a salad person and quinoa is my favourite. So could not miss the power packed Quinoa Pepita Salad. It had the wonderful texture with the generous amount of Quinoa and goodness of pepita or pumpkin seeds for the nutty flavour. Topped over was the micro-greens for adding beauty to the salad. A true soul satisfying dish. Highly Recommended!

Again a healthy choice of bread. Made with spent grain, Dark Malt Bao were steamed well and had the filling of spicy tofu. Loved the filling, however, found bao to be bit sticky. Overall it was a nice dish.

Big and thick Onion Rings crispy fried with spent grains crust were highly addictive. A signature dish but given a healthy twist. Highly Recommended!

Next on the table were little cuties. Veg Cottage Cheese Burgers were served with crispy and addictive french fries. Small burgers were loaded with spend grain crusted potatoes, paneer tikki, lettuce, onion and topped with cherry tomatoes. Loved the crunchy texture of tikki. Recommended!

Was highly excited for the Nudo Pizzas. They have two options – Either select from the given signature pizzas or make your own pizza all at the same price. Live pizza kitchen team takes care of your taste. Its easy - select base, cheese, toppings, finishers and tada!
We had following two....
Not Guilty
Nude Farm Veg

So, we had Not Guilty Pizza with Almond Crust. It was loaded with Broccoli, Zucchini, Spinach, Bell Peppers, Grilled Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic White sauce. The coarse almond crust texture is just like Graham Crackers crust. I loved it. The 13" pizza costs around Rs.900 for almond and caulifower base. Recommend this one.

Nude Farm Veg was next. Buckwheat base pizza was again a colorful treat. It had Zucchini, Red Bell Peppers, Green Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Black Olives on the Classic Red Tomato Marinara. Slight spicy and tangy this pizza was good too. Tasted nothing less than the regular wheat base pizza.

And yes, they have guilt-free desserts tooo! Tried Warm walnut buckwheat tart. The tart was a bit dry for me and however, Icecream and caramel were the saving grace. Paan Kulfi, on the other hand, was so refreshing and a burst of mouth freshening ingredients. So good!

Overall, it was a nice experience. Visit the place if you want to try some healthy options to your junk food and eat guilt-free. Enjoy few more clicks...Happy Eating!
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  1. These both eateries of Pune looks so good to visit.This TJ's Brew Works looks like a perfect place for yummy cuisines plus for perfect beer. Nudo Pizza also looks so tempting.


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