Pizza and Waffle Festival at Tea Trails, Pune — Reviewed!

What::The Pizza and Waffle Festival
Where:: Tea Trails, Pune and Mumbai
When:: 10th November 2017 – 30th November 2017

I am not a tea lover but visiting to Tea Trails needs no reason and when they are hosting Pizza and Waffle Festival, it absolutely makes it worth visiting. When I first went at The Tea Trails, Law College Road, I loved the place because of the scrumptious food and the peaceful and calm vibes.

Pretty excited about the Pizza and Waffle Festival, I again visited the same outlet after almost a year. Things do change! Well, they do not have a separate menu for the festival so one can choose from the options in the menu. Ranging from Mexican to Classic Veggie to Tandoori Paneer Pizzas there are certainly good choices. From the Pizza section, we ordered for the...
  • Veggies Blast (3.5/5) 
  • Mexican Pizza (4/5) 
Veggies Blast Pizza is the classic pizza with peppers, onions, babycorn, msuhrooms, tomato with loads of cheese. The small sized thin crust pizza was overpowered with the taste of cheese, I wish it had more of seasoning and veggies.

Mexican Pizza on the other hand was very good. Spiced with 3 peppers, peri-peri, jalapeno seasoning and green chillies, this pizza surely hit the right chord. I loved the spice and the perfect amount of cheese. It is a must try!

Coming on to the Waffles, Tea Trails do have 6 types of waffles with chocolate, caramel and fruits toppings. We opted for...
  • Choco Joy Waffle (2.5/5)
  • Chocolate Waffle (3.5/5)
I was keen to try fruit waffle but it wasn't available so had to settle down with the chocolate. Choco Joy was supposed to have chocolate syrup, chocolate curls and choco chips however the one served to us was a thin waffle drizzled with choco sauce and garnished with chocolate pieces. Nothing fancy.

With some expectations, next came the Chocolate Waffle. It had the same toppings with the scoop of vanilla ice-cream on only one of the waffle piece. Strange! It tasted better though.

We also tried the bubble teas. Served to us were the Cranberry and Mango – both looked and tasted same!! We then tried our favourite Smoked Cheese Sandwich and Bombay Masala Sandwich. Unfortunately, they too failed to impress because of the filling and the over grilled bread. Both the sandwiches were way too dry thus had to order cold coffee, which again was good and noting exceptional.

People can go and try their Mexican Pizza, Chocolate Waffle and stick to the classic liek Bun Maska, Kanda Bhajiya and Masala Tea. Also, enjoy few more clicks...:)