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Kargo is not a new name in the Pune dining scenes. Located in the bylanes of Koregaon Park, the place is known for some amazing food, offers and fantastic vibes. The black glasses frontage, red carpet entrance, two different seating areas along with an alfresco, open kitchen on the other hand, bright yellow wall with decal, stone textured wall, high ceilings and dim-light settings are some of the key features of Kargo.

Food menu is extensive ranging from Indian, Italian, Oriental. One can pair the drinks with some amazing starters. They were probably the first one to introduce Naanza (cross of naan and pizza) to Pune. Kargo has revamped the menu and has come up with scrumptious stuff. People can also enjoy 30% discount on the regular bar menu. To avoid the scepticism, Kargo do have the Happy Hours menu too!

I got a chance to try some of the following delicacies (off and on from the Happy menu) for my lunch...
  • Cream of Broccoli and Almond Soup (4.5/5)
  • Cream of Garlic with Mushroom Phyllo (5/5)
  • Coronation Apple with Spiced Cashewnuts and Raisins (4.5/5)
  • Spicy Barbeque and Cottage Cheese, Jalapenos and Pepper Naanza (3.5/5)
  • Roasted Pepper, Corn and Broccoli Naanza (4/5)
  • Veg Crostini (5/5)
  • Coriander Marinated Grilled Cottage Cheese (4.5/5)
  • Lemon Chilli Cottage Cheese (4/5)
  • Veg Khowsuey (3.5/5)
  • Madras Curry (4/5)
  • Coconut Panacotta (4.5/5)
  • New York styled Baked Cheesecake (4.5/5)
  • Raspberry Jam Ice-cream (4/5)
  • Single Origin Chocolate (4/5)
Started our meal with the thick, rich, creamy bowl of soups. Both the soups (Broccoli and Mushrooms) were flavourful but the Cream of Garlic and Mushroom Phyllo was a notch better. It had the deep earthy flavours of mushrooms with fresh thyme and cream. Loved it totally. Highly Recommended!

I am a salad lover, so opted for Coronation Apple with Spiced Cashewnuts and Raisins. The bowl had bang on flavours and textures. Blended with perfect creamy curry dressing, it had the crunch of cashewnuts, apples and sweetness of raisins. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Was eagerly waiting to try their Naanza so tried the Spicy Barbeque and Cottage Cheese, Jalapenos and Pepper one. Naanza was cooked perfectly however the cottage cheese marination was bit weird hence had to skip this dish. To compensate, we ordered one more Naanza – Roasted Pepper, Corn and Broccoli. This super scrumptious dish was loved by one and all. It had all the textures and cheesiness and spiced flavours. Loved it.

Next on the table was the Veg Crostini. Trust me, it was one of the best dishes I had the other day. Crispy bite sized perfectly toasted and grilled bread was topped with the delicious sweet, spiced veggies. A must have at Kargo.

One of the finest dishes I had at Kargo was the Coriander Marinated Grilled Cottage Cheese Plate. The filling dish had melt in mouth paneer patties drizzled with pesto sauce, served with grilled veggies, fragrant butter rice and bright green colored pesto sauce. It had the strong hint of garlic with the freshness of coriander. Highly Recommended!

Another paneer preparation was the Lemon Chilli Cottage Cheese. Subtle flavour of Indian spices especially the acidity of lime. The dish was grilled to perfection. Nicely made.

From the main course, Burmese Khowsuey and Madras Curry were both scrumptious. On one hand, the khowsuey (a complete meal) was nicely cooked with subtle coconut flavour and on the other hand, served with buttered rice, the Madras Curry had the intense flavour of coconut milk, curry leaves, spices. One can easily get the punch of South Indian taste.

Desserts came next. I was impressed with the Coconut Panacotta because of the refreshing hint of coconut and basil. It was just perfectly sweet to cut down the heavy meals.

Who doesn't love cheesecakes and when it is NY Style Baked Cheesecake, I was over the moon. This dessert won my heart as it just 'Perfect'. It relies upon heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs blended to smooth consistency. This cheesecake was also a crowd-pleaser.

Handmade signature Raspberry Jam Ice-cream and Single Origin Chocolate was also top notch. Rich, creamy ice-creams had bang on flavours. Must try.

Portion sizes are value for money. People can enjoy with friends, family or even alone. Guys, do visit Kargo, Koregaon Park for some scrumptious food with couple of drinks.
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  1. Your post has left me craving for food haha. Those are some really tasty dishes and I would love to visit this place if I am ever near this. I hope I do.


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