Salad Grills – hits the right chord of taste and nutrition! — Reviewed!

For me, 'Salad Grills' is the synonym to the authentic tossed salads and smoothies. They have never disappointed me in the terms of food, service or packaging. In case you want to read my first experience with the Salad Grills. I appreciate their long-term vision of popularizing "Salad Culture" across India and with such lovely dishes on the menu, I'm sure Salad Grills are going to make it soon.

Positive Side:
  • Fresh Home made dressings, sauces and dips
  • Enticing Toppings
  • Wholesome Meal with a balance of Carbs, Proteins
  • Freshly used ingredients
  • Prompt delivery
  • Delicious options
Not so Positive Side:
  • Limited delivery area
This time, I tried the following...
  • Roasted Mushrooms Pasta Salad (Rs.210) (4.5/5)
  • Farmers County (Rs.200) (4/5)

How can Mushrooms go wrong in combination with anything especially Pasta. Black eye beans, watermelon, cherry tomato, sweet corn, golden raisins, leeks, black olives, roasted sunflower seeds, mixed lettuce with roasted mushrooms and penne was a perfect, healthy balanced combination for a hearty wholesome meal. Although it is usually served with Balsamic Style Vinaigrette but I was served German Yoghurt dressing which was thick, sweet with lots of yumminess. A must try! Fresh Bread sticks adds the crunch to the salad.

Next was the Farmers County with the Balsamic Date Vinaigrette. This salad meal box was the medley of colors and nutrition with Moroccan grilled tofu, tomato, apples, bell pepper, cucumber, black olives, roasted flaxseeds, mixed lettuce. A power-packed bowl of health. Not to forget the vinaigrette – sweet, salty, tangy. A total burst of flavour in your mouth. I can say Salad Grills have one of the best salad dressings.

Trust me, whenever you crave for some healthy, nutritious, delicious, crunchy salads go for Salad Grills! :)


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