Asian Food Festival – Asian delicacies under one roof at Novotel Pune — Reviewed!

What: Asian Food Festival – Oriental Rhopsody
Where: Fuzion, Novotel, Nagar Road, Pune
When: 23rd March to 31st March 2018
Time: 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Cost: Rs.2000 for two (approx.)

Asian Cuisine is quite versatile and involves a skilled cooking practice and tradition. It includes a lot of regions including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and more. Some are speciality restaurants which concentrates on serving from single region only. What if we get the choice to choose the dishes from different regions under single roof? Novotel Pune, Nagar road has come up with the Pan Asian Food Festival – Oriental Rhopsody wherein patrons are taken on the culinary journey with the A La Carte menu which includes scrumptious dishes. The festival is headed by speciality Chef Devinder who is a craftsman of the art served on the plate.

One can enjoy the candid Asian dinner at the Fuzion, one of the restaurants at Novotel. The menu includes Rice, Noodles, Dimsums, Starters, Soups and more. Some of the must try dishes include Sambhal Goreng, Tom Kha Soup, Mapu Tofu, Pad Thai Noodles to name a few. I went to preview the festival and tried these flavourful dishes...
  • Laksa Soup
  • Sesame Honey Chilli Lotus Stem
  • Mushrooms Guo Tie
  • Water Chestnuts and Asparagus Dumpling
  • Asian Green Dumplings
  • Vegetable Bao
  • Wok Tossed Bok Choy and Mushrooms
  • Udon Noodles
Laksa Soup was thick spicy and had adequate noodles and veggies. The coconut flavour was subtle and I loved the aroma of it. Quite appetizing! Highly Recommended!

I loved the thinly sliced crispy fried lotus stem with the sweetness of honey and spice of chillies. The combination of the sweet and spice was making this stand out. Recommended!

While eating Asian food, dumplings are a must to have. Tried 3 types of dumplings and each one was equally delish. The best part was each one had the thin covering or coating so you could actually taste the filling. Pan speared Mushrooms Guo Tie had nicely minced mushrooms and balanced spices. Recommended!

Water Chestnuts and Asparagus Dumplings too were super scrumptious. The hot, fresh, steamed dumplings were melt-in-mouth. Loved every bit of the crunch and flavours. Recommended!

Next was my favourite too! Stuffed with exotic greens and veggies, the Asian Green Dumplings were irresistible. The fun green color was the point of attention. The presentation and taste was top notch. Recommended!

I am not a big fan of Bao. The fluffy, savoury steamed buns were stuffed with spicy veggies. It was 'bready' and it is supposed to be like that only but I find it doughy and dry. Though, it was nicely made, I could only had a bite. Those who love bao and go for it!

Was too stuffed to try anything but Chef lovingly presented us with the main course and I am sure it tasted good. You can drool over these as surely they are a treat for the foodies. 

The desserts had a assorted choice of Darsaan, Chocolate Tart and Chocolate Spring Rolls. Overall, it was a fab experience with a laid-back lunch. You can relax, order, chat and work while chef takes you on the culinary extravaganza. Enjoy some more photos...

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