Mojo Pizzas — A close competition to the existing brands! — Reviewed!

I love Mojo Pizzas and especially the cheese blast. My favourite one is the "Some Like it Hot" and recently I also tried Farm Fresh with extra toppings of olives and mushrooms. Loved it too. Sharing the photos...:) Tell me your favourite too!

Some like it hot with Cheese Blast base (don't judge me; who doesn't like cheese overload?)

Farm fresh pizza with extra topping of Black olives, Mushrooms and that too on the Cheese Blast base.

I wanted my order to be delivered at 1 pm and trust me it was exactly handed to me at 1. Kudos for the service. The pizzas served were super hot, fresh and delicious. The oozing out of the cheese was the best part. The base and the veggies were fresh and perfectly baked. One thing is you need to eat it immediately and if not then reheat in a microwave for 40 seconds and its as good as fresh.


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