Rude Lounge – Some hits some misses! — Reviewed!

The rooftop lounge, Rude Lounge, is strategically located on the top floor of the Trade Net Building, Clover Park, Viman Nagar, Pune. The brand is well-established in Mumbai and much talked about its nightlife, party and ambience. Valet parking is available however a bit congested for two-wheelers. The entrance is bit shady and not much appealing once you enter. Escalator will take you on the top floor and then few stairs with red carpet to the lounge. Wall are adorned with quirky 'drinking quotes'.

Ambience: Colorful couches appeals for a comfy dining experience. The lit bar, the birds eye view, the upside down bucket lamps, DJ setting, rock music in the background, the sculpture are some of the features of the happening lounge. It is more appealing post sunset. The crowd seems to be pouring in around 7pm. Open until 12:30 am, the happy hours are also one of the USPs.

Menu:The menu is the combination of Finger food, Continental and Indian which can be paired well with the drinks. Prices are bit steep though. The staff is prompt and courteous. Rude Lounge might have good cocktails, but I was bit disappointed with the mocktails except Fruit Punch. Rest all were bit sweet to my palate. Combined with the soft drinks, following are the dishes we tried...
  • Assorted Chaat (4/5)
  • Paneer Cheese Pani Puri (3.5/5) 
  • Veg Bruschetta (Baked) (3.5/5)
  • Crispy Chilli Garlic Potato (3/5)
  • Sizzling Brownie (4/5)
Started our evening with the Assorted chaat or the "Chakhna platter" which was served in the "4 portion serving bowl". One portion had Chatpata Chana, other three had Masala Peanuts, Chinese Bhel and Spiced Potatoes. I so loved it. It was suffice for two. All the dishes were equally delicious and had burst of flavours of spice, tangy, sweet and crunch. A delightful plate indeed.

The speciality dish included Paneer Cheese Pani Puri so had to try it. Fancy plating indeed. Each Pani Puri was filled with bit of spiced paneer and cheese and placed over the individual stand. Spicy water and Sweet chutney was served along with it. I wish it had more of paneer to enhance the taste and make it more filling.

Next was the Veg Bruschetta (Baked). When we say Bruschetta, visually its like french loaf piece topped with simple tomatoes, basil and olive oil. The one served to us was the chef's version of it, I guess. Super loaded with cheese and topped with olive, it tasted more like cheese bread. Taste was good though.

Crispy Chilli Garlic Potatoes or any finger food from the menu was the 'ready to cook', I suppose. The fries or crispy potatoes too were dried and fried potatoes tossed in chilli and loads of garlic. It was super spicy. At first it is quite crispy but after a while the after taste was acidic. However, it flushes down well with the drinks.

Last but not the least, the Sizzling Brownie. The gooey, chocolatey brownie topped with vanilla scoop was drizzled with hot chocolate sauce and it tasted heavenly. Loved the taste of it.

Overall, it was a nice experience. However, following are the points which might need to be considered.
  • Bit of overall maintenance
  • Proper Hygiene should be taken care of
  • The tissue rolls are difficult to tear and uneasy to use.
  • Mocktails need to be fine tuned.
Rest assured, it is a fun place to enjoy the view with drink, food and a partner by your side for a perfect date!
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