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Social – What a place! Known for its quirky interiors, ambience, delectable food, Social has marked its strong presence in the dining scenes. With the outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Social has spread its wings in Pune and in style, of course!

Location and Ambience::
Located on the third floor in the Phoenix Market City, Pune, the place is already quite popular amongst the Punekars. This outlet has been given the 'Puneri' touch by creating the vibes of "Katta", "Letter Box" themed dining area, and quotes can be read around like "Kasa Kay Pune?" One can see a lot of rawness and the utmost use of recycled products. 

The entrance is made up with arranging the old blue crates in such a way, that the entry gate is missed sometimes! After entering, the trippy red lights are fixed on the roof and walls. There are 4 sections – Letter Box themed dining space, Kadak space for the college crowd who want to enjoy the sports while binging on the food, casual dining space with trampoline above you and the last one is the co-working space. One can take the membership and that cost can be redeemed against the food and beverages.
Coming on to the food, the menu has been given really interesting twist keeping the classic taste intact. Right from the breakfast trays to ladi paos, poutine, chaats, china boxes, sizzlers, biryani, and pasta are there to cater one and all. Some of the enthralling dishes were Andaz apna apna eggs, Hangover breakfast, applam chaplam papadam, awesamosas, Thai Thali, Chilli Paneer China Box, Chocolate blood bath to name a few. Here are the delicacies we tried from the menu....
  • Watermelon vs Feta Salad (3.5/5)
  • Purani Dilli Chaat Walk (4.5/5)
  • Chakhna Bitings Tiffin (3.5/5)
  • Crispy Corn Chakhna (4/5)
  • Croquettish (3.5/5)
  • Multani Mushrooms (4.5/5)
  • Mixed Veg Salt and Pepper (4.5/5)
  • Butter Chilli Garlic Momos (5/5)
  • Double Grilled Naga Chilli Cheese Toast (4.5/5)
  • Chilli Paneer Black Pepper China Box (4.5/5)
  • Spicy Social Spaghetti (4.5/5)
  • Chocolate Chutzpah (4.5/5)
  • Layer Cake (4/5)
  • Chocolate Blood Bath (4.5/5)
  • Lucky's Caramel Custard (4/5)
After trying a couple of mocktails, out of which watermelon based stood out, tried the Watermelon vs Feta Salad which was served in the jar. Though it was a refreshing dish in the scorching summer, the dressing was a bit too much for the portion. Otherwise, the watermelon, feta, pine-nuts and the tender arugula leaves were just so soothing!

Chaat tops the chart everywhere including the one we had at Social. Priced at Rs.190/- total value for money, the Purani Dilli Chaat Walk was the plate which no one can refuse. Pani puri with sweet and spicy water, Dahi Papadi, Raj Kachori, Fried chana dal was served on the copper plate and was a total feast for all of us. Loved it!

Chakhna Bitings Tiffin was next on the table. Served in the small steel tiffin boxes, it had chatpata chana, chakli, peanuts. It was paired well with the drink. One can munch on while waiting for the food. Nice idea!

Along with it we also tried Crispy Corn Chakhna. Wow! loved it. Deep fried sweet corn fritters were tossed in Asian sauces and were a total delight. A must try!

As we heard Croquettish, the cheese pull is all we could imagine. But this version did not have mozzarella hence we had to settle down with the regular croquettes. It was nicely deep fried and had a perfect balance of taste and wished it could have been cheesier.

Next was the Multani Mushrooms. It was also served in the "Social style" in the small coal grill tray. The marination was exceptional. Mushrooms too were well cooked with all the smokey flavours. Slight tangy, spicy, the mushrooms are highly recommended!

Another star dish was the Mixed Veg Salt and Pepper. Tasted like veg crispy, the veggies were corn flour coated, deep fried and sauteed in the Asian sauces. Loved the crisp veggies with the simplest of ingredients. Recommended!

Who would believe we had one of the best momos at a restaurant. Usually eaten at the road-side stalls, scrumptious momos are hard to find at a place like Social. But they surprised us with the awesome Butter Chilli Garlic Momos which were filled with regular veggies and tossed in butter, garlic, chilli and served with tangy sriracha sauce. Highly Highly Recommended!

Visually appealing the Double Grilled Naga Chilli Cheese Toast served on the skewers were gone in couple of minutes! The extra cheesy and perfectly toasted bread were burst of taste in the mouth. I bet you can't stop at one! Highly Recommended!

If you are running short of time and wanna keep your lunch handy, do not think twice and grab yourself a Chilli Paneer Black Pepper China Box. The wholesome meal in itself the box was easy to carry and packed with flavourful noodles, fresh paneer and bit of veggies. Highly Recommended!

Presented in the steel box, the Spicy Social Spaghetti was simple yet delectable. The traditionally prepared dish was tossed in garlic and olive oil with some herbs. A crowd-pleasing recipe for sure!
Next came on the desserts. We tried almost all the chocolate based ones out of which Chocolate Blood Bath was the winner! It was literally death by chocolate. Made with Chocolate cake, brownies, truffles, fudges, ice-cream, mousse, all in chocolate this dessert was heavenly. The texture was dense and luscious. A must order for all the sweet tooth people! This dessert has set the standards really high!

Dunked in the choco-bar, the rich chocolate cake with smarties, crackles topped with chocolate sauce, the Chocolate Chutzpah had all the textures of crunch and sweetness.

Interesting dessert was the flourless Layer Cake which had layers of cake, dark chocolate mousse, caramel mousse, nutty chocolate mousse and topped with hot chocolate ganache. The dark chocolate mousse adds to the intensity of the dish. The decadent layer cake was rich and chocolatey.

Lastly, the classic Lucky's Caramel Custard. The basic yet flavourful caramel custard topped with candly floss and nuts. The soft caramel top was melt in the mouth and totally balanced on sweetness.

What a hearty lunch we had. I am yet to try so many other dishes. Will be visiting soon! Have you been there? What is your favourite? Share in the comments below.

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