The Travelling Dimsum Festival at Shizusan! — Reviewed!

What: The Travelling Dimsum Festival
Where: Shizusan, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Pune
When: 27th April 2018 - 13th May 2018
Cost: A La Carte; approx. Rs.1500 for 2.

Some places never disappoint you and one of them for me is Shizusan –The Asian Bistro located in the Phoenix Market City, Pune. Every single time, Shizusan surprises its patrons with the unique concept whether it is the piping hot Ramen bowls in the Ramen Food Festival or made us travel virtually through the Around the world with 9 Sushis food festival. This time also, the team at Shizusan has come up with The Travelling Dim sum Festival wherein 11 exquisite Dim sums are showcased including one dessert Dim Sum too!

Following are the veg dim sums, I tried...
1. Pan Fried Asparagus Rice Baozi (3.5/5)
2. Spinach, Dates and Cashewnuts Bun (4/5)
3. Tung Tong Peanut Moneybags (4/5)
4. Asparagus and Kimchi Mandoo (4.5/5)
5. Cottage Cheese and Sambal Dumpling (4/5)
6. Green Apple Pie Moneybags (4/5)

Baozi is a type of filled bun which is usually steamed and stuffed with vegetarian of non-veg filling. It comes from the Japanese region. The one served to us had fragrant rice and veggies in it. It is usually served without accompaniments but I found it bit dry though the bun was super fresh and the filling itself was delicious.

Next on our table was from the China – The Spinach, Dates and Cashew nuts Bun. The deep fried dish was crunchy from outside and had sweet and medium spiced spinach, mala oil with the crunch of cashews inside. I particularly liked it because it had the texture, taste on point! The classic dish had a juicy filling.

Another scrumptious preparation was the Tung Tong Peanut Moneybags. The recipe is straight from Malaysia. The fried dumpling had curried veggies in the peanut sauce. Adding bit more crushed peanuts would have elevated the taste, otherwise, this money bag was yum.

Next was one of my most favourite – Asparagus and Kimchi Mandoo. Mandoo/Mandu are Korean Dumplings. The one presented to us had Pokchoy, celery, and gochujang with the 'Desi' twist. The filling was juicy, spicy and the taste lingers in your mouth. A total burst of flavours similar to the Indian palate.

Last one was the Cottage Cheese and Sambal Dumpling. The Indonesian delicacy was steamed and the filling of spinach and golden corn combined with cottage cheese and sambal had taken the dish to another level. They were irresistible. 

I was really excited to try the dessert dumpling – Green Apple Pie Moneybags. The deep fried dumpling had chunks of caramalised apples with the hint of cinnamon and drizzled with the caramel sauce. The combination of sweet apple and caramel sauce was heavenly and perfectly balanced with the cinnamon. 

So, all the Asian food lovers, Dumpling lovers, and also a foodie do visit the place and enjoy some impeccable dishes.


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