Rangeelo Rajasthan Food Festival – Padharo Saa at 3 Spices! — Reviewed!

What: Rangeelo Rajasthan (Food Festival)
Where: 3 Spices, DoubleTree by Hilton
When: 3rd June to 13th June 2018
Timings and cost:
Lunch: 12.30 pm – 3.00 pm (Thali; Rs.899/- AI)
Dinner: 7.00 pm – 11.30 pm (Buffet; Rs.1399/- AI)

India is a vibrant country with diverse cultures, habitats, and lifestyle. One of the largest and culturally-rich states in India, Rajasthan, also offers deliciously rich, the scrumptious array of dishes. The culinary style of the state is largely dependent on the lifestyle of the natives. Being a Rajasthani myself, I can totally connect to the authenticity of the cooking style. I was super excited to find that the 3 Spices, DoubleTree by Hilton is hosting the authentic food festival from the land of culture — Rangeelo Rajasthan! Apart from the food, each Sunday will see the lac bangle making counter plus other activities.

Best part – the menu is designed and the dishes are prepared by the "Maharaj" aka chef Ramji invited from Jaipur. The idea is to let people try the genuine food and if they find it difficult to choose from what to eat, the Lunch Thali with a pre-fixed menu including exclusive signature dishes from Rajasthan is made.

The Thali is the amalgamation of the specialties from different regions. Each of the element had distinctive texture, flavour and aroma. All in all, the thali was a bundle of taste. We were there to try the very scrumptious, flavourful, value for money lunch thali. Here goes the menu...
  • Welcome Drink
  • Teeno Des ke kebabs
  • Dahi ki Mangori
  • Bhindi Mirchi
  • Shekhawati Ker Sangri
  • Maheshwari Pyaaz Paneer
  • Jodhpuri Gatta Curry
  • Marwari Dum Aloo
  • Dal Khilma
  • Subz Pulao
  • Bajre ki Roti
  • Puri
  • Malai Ghewar
  • Doodhiya Kheech
Before the thali we were given a teaser of Dal Baati Churma which was a part of dinner buffet but since no Rajasthani meal is complete without it, we had to try it. I was bowled over by the 4 varieties of churmas – Rose, Pista, Besan and Aata. Rose churma won our hearts and was the bestest of all. The deep fried, crunchy crusty Masala Baati was unforgettable. Uff! Still craving for it. Baati or the wheat ball dough ghee-laden are crumbled and eaten with the daal.

Every minute details were taken care of. Right from the Gunde, mirchi ka achar to the masala baati, each and everything was top notch.

We were welcomed with the refreshing chaach which had a hint of coriander and heeng-jeera. Then the royal feast started with the Teeno Des ke Kebab which was Dahi ke kebabs, Sangri seekh Kebabs and Paneer ke shooley. Dahi ke Kebabs were melting in the mouth and so were the seekh kebabs. Let me tell you, it is an art to play with ker sangri as it tend to get bitter but the chef has done a brilliant job by not only making the kebabs velvety smooth but scrumptious also. Paneer ke shooley was the usual preparation though paneer was fresh and marination was done on point. Well done!

Mangori is not very much common in the Maharashtra region. Part of the thali, Dahi ki Mangori or Moong dal dumplings is the quick fix for dinners. The tender mangoris were cooked in fresh curd with rich spices. Very well made.

Next on the thali was the Bhindi Mirchi. Quite a delicacy! Bhindi or Lady Fingers were stuffed with gram flour, spices and cooked with whole green chilli but it was not at all that spicy. Rather the pairing of bhindi and chilli was excellent. They balanced the flavours for each other.

I was excited to try the authentic, signature dish from the state – Shekhawati Ker Sangri. One needs to develop the palate to relish this one. Beans and berries are sun-dried, soaked and fried with tomatoes, asafoetida, cumin, and fennel. Very delicious.

Pyaaz Paneer was fresh with special marwari spices. The uniqueness was the each dish had different preparation styles.

How can I forget that melt-in-mouth Jodhpuri Gatta Curry. Never ever I had such super soft, pillowy gattas or gram fkour dumplings cooked in yoghurt curry. The curry was also thick, the way it should be. Couldn't get over with this bowl of favourite.

Dum Aloo was cooked in thick and rich tomato gravy. Delicious! Dal Khilma on the other hand was cooked with the ginger and tempered with usual spices. Liked it. One can devour it with fluffy, freshly made Puris.

Next was the super aromatic Subz Pulao prepared with the seasonal vegetables with additions of couple of gatta. Loved it.

Bajre ki Roti
was on the thali too which I relished with the gatta curry.

The popular Rajasthani dessert Malai Ghewar and healthy Doodhiya Kheech too was on the thali. My favourite was offcourse ghewar.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience. The taste of that gatta curry, Daal baati churma, Chaach, Kebabs, Ghewar still lingers in my mouth. One of best authentic lunch experiences I have had in recent times. A must must try for all who are looking for the 'real' rajasthani food!


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