Arth Restaurant and Lounge – Earthy, Gas-Free, Traditional Cooking! — Reviewed!

Arth invites patrons to partake in the stylish, sleek atmosphere while listening to the melodious live music. The much-acclaimed restaurant is all set to welcome guests and promise an unparalleled dining experience. Located on the second floor of the Westin, Pune – Arth, an elegant lounge has an upscale environment and the interiors are posh and designed by the celebrity Gauri Khan. The grand entrance, nicely stacked books pillar or bar, the chandelier, or the comfortable seating are all classy. The plush settings perfectly complement the menu and the Bollywood retro songs in the background.

Arth restaurant is the dream child of the much-talented Chef Amninder Sindhu who has crafted the menu focusing on the authentic Indian food prepared the rural classic way – Gas Free. The open kitchen will excite you to see how the food is prepared the traditional and ancient way. Majorly dishes are rooted in the same technique of cooking keeping the flavours alive. The smoky, earthy taste is what you get. So, in love with this place as its all about experiencing the forgotten recipes and the methods.

The menu offers the aesthetically appealing Large Dishes, Small Dishes, Sides and Arth Thaal. The Thaal – both Veg and Non-Veg Plate, is the set menu including some signature dishes on the menu. We tried the following from the menu...
  • Yogurt Clouds (5/5)
  • Morels Stuffed (5/5)
  • Kurkuri Arbi (4.5/5)
  • Jackfruit Tawa Boti (4/5)
  • Paneer Smoked (4.5/5)
  • Pearl Potatoes (4.5/5)
  • Dahi Khamiri Roti (4.5/5)
  • Chholey Kulchey (4.5/5)
  • Angoori Rabdi (5/5)
  • Kaali Gajar ka Halwa (4.5/5)

Started our evening with the magnificent amuse bouche. The thin coated mini silver colored spheres had the liquid pani-puri sort. Served on the shell, the presentation was on point. It bursts flavours on your palate.

Next was the epitome of molecular gastronomy – Yogurt Clouds (Rs.295). Potato baskets topped with yogurt spheres, tamarind and green chutney. The crunch of baskets, the creaminess of yogurt and the taste overall was bang on. I am sure one is not enough. Highly Recommended dish!

Another fabulous creation from the menu was the spectacular Morels Stuffed (Rs.850). One of the most expensive Kashmiri mushrooms Morel are stuffed with minced mushroom and served on the Nachni and Walnut Soil. It is an indicative dish of nature how mushrooms are found. Very thoughtful and creative one. Hats off!

Kurkuri Arbi was served next. The deep fried arbi crisps on the bed of charred onion and tomato chutney, cranberries and topped with rolled crispy colocasia leaves. The Arbi was nicely cooked and fried. Loved it.

Next on the table was the mock meat – Jackfruit Tawa Boti (Rs.295). Served on the bed of lachha onions, the chunks of jackfruit were slow cooked on the angeethi. The mild spicy dish was equally delicious.

Another stunning and brilliant dish was the Paneer Smoked. The melt in mouth Paneer was stuffed with spiced green peas from the smoker on the spinach gravy. Sound delicious? It tastes equally delish. The paneer was paired with Manipuri Black Rice Dosa. Not only it was delicious but healthy too. Tasted more like the ghee roast. Crispy dosa was of the bests I had in the longest time.

We had Dahi Khamiri Roti and Pearl Potatoes. The Mughlai Khamiri Roti was very well cooked. Had the perfect crispiness and softness on the other side. It paired well with the Pearl Potatoes. The flavorsome rich gravy had dum aloo. Loved the combination.

Chholey Kulchey was from the large dish and enough to serve 2 people. The raw and earthy smokey aroma of the chholey was worth trying. Aloo stuffed Kulchey were scrumptious too. They were soft and butter laden. Uff! Deliciousness!!

Last but not the least, the masterpiece – Angoori Rabdi. Served in the crispy phyllo nests, the rich, creamy cottage cheese dumplings had the perfect balance of sweetness. The crunch of phyllo and sweetness of rabdi was heavenly.

Never had the Kaali Gajar ka Halwa. The Black Carrots pudding was mildly sweet and the flavours were bang on. Topped with malai, the halwa was not less than the regular one. As basic, classic and delicious as ever.

Overall, dining at Arth is not only about eating food but an experience in itself. Do visit and feel it yourself. Share your thoughts or stories about your visit in the comment below.

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