The Daily All Day – Superfoods Menu! – A must must try! — Reviewed!

One of the recent additions to the Pune's dining scene was The Daily All Day which quickly grabbed a place in my heart because of the positive vibes, vibrant interiors and delicious food of course! Rarely are the places which tick all the points of customer satisfaction – food, service, ambiance. My first visit to The Daily All Day was as good as the repetitive ones. Recently, they curated the "SuperFoods Menu" which includes the dishes which have a dense concentration of vital nutrients.

The menu ranges from Devilled Eggs to Black Quinoa Salad to Chicken Tacos and Smoothies. I tried the following from the menu...
  • Super Grain Pasta
  • Activated Charcoal Idli and Beetroot Chutney
  • Red Rice Poha
  • Assorted Smoothie Bowls
One can relish guilt-free, gluten-free Supergrain pasta loaded with fiber, broccoli, cherry tomatoes. crunchy toasted walnuts, basil, and super yum bocconcini. Each bite was full of flavours and textures. Each element blended well with the pasta. Loved the slightly sweet, tangy, crunchy pasta. Highly Recommended!

Activated charcoal is in trend and so will be this Idli. Basic Rawa Idli with activated charcoal powder, french beans and snap peas was served with healthy and delicious Beetroot chutney. The color and the taste of the chutney was refreshing. Idli tasted good but since I am not a big fan of charcoal hence this dish was not exceptional to me. Though it was scrumptious.

Healthy, quick and delicious Poha is my first choice for breakfast. Chef took it to another level by preparing it with red rice poha and adding sweet potato, peas, broccoli, sunflower seeds, edamame seeds, curry leaves and topped with chili. The vegan poha had subtle flavours.

Next came my favourite – Smoothie Bowls. I did the happy dance as they had the varied range of smoothie bowls – Tropical, Banana and Kiwi Bowl, Peanut Butter and Chocolate bowl to name a few (Rs.350) each. I tried three of them...
  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bowl
  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bowl (Vegan)
  • Very Berry Smoothie Bowl
Both the peanut butter and chocolate bowls tasted and presented almost the same; the only difference was one of them was vegan i.e made without using yogurt or honey. The bowl had cocoa powder, banana, peanut butter topped with fresh banana, pecan nuts, chia seeds, granola, tender coconut chunks, and raisins. I wish it had one layer of chocolate chips too to add to the flavours. Those who love peanut butter or chocolates must must try this one!

While, the other fruity very berry smoothie bowl had the punch of tartness and sweetness of mulberry, blueberry, and strawberry along with the base of hung curd. The colorful smoothie was topped with malta orange, granola, watermelon, and seeds. Loved it.

The Daily All Day is one of my favourites places to dine and now with the introduction of the Superfoods menu, got one more reason to visit them. How many of you have visited the place? Please share the experiences in the comment below.