Cafe Peter, Apte Road – Shakes, Sandwiches, Coffee and more! — Reviewed!

My new favourite hangout destination for the coffee and conversation is Cafe Peter. Recently visited the newly opened Apte Road branch and glad I did. Located on the strategic position, the place is easy to find. Parking is easily available. The red colored decor, wooden tables, cosy sofas, beautiful wall art are the highlights of the Cafe Peter.

The menu includes scrumptious brunch, salads, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, waffles, sizzlers, soup bowls, rice bowls and off course heavenly coffee. I tried the following from the menu....
  • Mocha Frappe (4.5/5)
  • Coffee Lush (4/5)
  • Ferrero Rocher Shake (5/5)
  • Classic Hot Chocolate (3/5)
  • Club Sandwich (5/5)
  • Veg Exotica Pizza (4.5/5)
  • Hot Garlic Fries (4/5)
Started the meal with the simple and satisfying Mocha Frappe. It had rich chocolate flavour with a bit of coffee blended and topped with sprinkles. I wish it had whipped cream but nonetheless it was thick and delicious. Loved it.

Coffee Lush was like a cold coffee. The aroma and flavour of coffee was not too intense. Mild sweet, after taste of coffee and frothy is all about this beverage.

What should I say about the most luscious, chocolatey and sinful Ferrero Rocher Shake I had here at Cafe Peter. The thick shake was laced with whipped cream and topped with a ferrero rocher. The taste was incredible and visually it was stunning. Highly Recommended!

Had to try the Hot chocolate so ordered the classic one but was disappointed with the first sip only. The watery consistency with the overpowering milk smell and bit of chocolate powder was the concoction for that beverage. Not sure if the same hot chocolate is served everyday or a bad day may be. I would expect some thick, dark chocolate in my cup!

After Ferrero Rocher, the one dish for which I will visit Cafe Peter again and again is the Club Sandwich. Three layers of bread with the exotic veggies filling is toasted and served with coleslaw and fries. Perfectly roasted sandwich was not only delicious but filling as well. Each bite was burst of flavours. It was juicy. Highly Recommended!

The thin crust fully loaded exotica pizza was an excellent choice. It had loads of cheese and crunchy veggies. Out of the two options – Margarita and Exotica, pick as per your preference. One needs to eat it as soon as it is served to indulge completely.

Crispy fried french fries tossed in butter garlic were rich in taste with strong hint of garlic. The fries were bit spicy however you can mention the preference.

Overall, Cafe Peter is a definite stop for delicious food, coffee and conversations. Share your experiences too! Enjoy more food pictures....

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