Asia Kitchen by Mainland China – Pan Asian food under one roof! — Reviewed!

Concept: Asia Kitchen by Mainland China at Dhole Patil road is the boon for the pan Asian food lovers. Gong, Mainland China, and Asia Kitchen are under the umbrella of Speciality restaurants. While Mainland China focuses more on authentic Chinese food, the Asia Kitchen adds an exciting dimension with the live kitchen and menu from the far east kitchens.

Parking: Two-wheeler parking is available across the streets.

Menu: Asian food is flavourful with the use of aromatic herbs, exotic ingredients and the way it is cooked – steamed, stirred, fried or tossed. The menu from Asia Kitchen by Mainland China is extensive and ranges from Sushi to Dimsums, to Bao, Noodles to Asian desserts.
We tried following from the menu....
  • Shiitake and Cream Cheese Sushi (4.5/5)
  • Asparagus Tempura Rolls (4/5)
  • Asian Cottage Cheese Tortellini (4/5)
  • Truffle Infused Edamame Dumplings (4/5)
  • Crispy Lotus Stem (4/5)
  • Avocado Tacos (3/5)
  • Artichoke in Red Curry with Jasmine Rice (5/5)
  • Snicker Cake (4/5)
  • Coconut Dumplings (4/5)
One of the finest Sushi I had after Shizusan is the Shiitake and Cream Cheese. The chewy, earthy and dense texture of shiitake integrated with smooth, rich and creamy Cream Cheese made an absolutely lip-smacking dish to start a meal with. Highly Recommended!

Next was the Asparagus Tempura Rolls. Crunchy tempura combined with fresh avocado and chef's special sauce was a delight. Crunch, freshness, creaminess is what denotes this roll. Loved it.

Asian Cottage Cheese Tortellini was a flavour bomb. Cottage cheese stuffed tortellini doused in thick coconut milk gravy was delish. The rich, creamy, curry with a strong aroma and flavour of coconut was delicious. A perfect fusion of Asian and Italian cuisine.

Next served was the Truffle infused edamame dumplings. The creamy edamame-truffle puree was wrapped in a translucent tender melt-in-mouth dumpling. Piquant taste and lovely presentation. Those who love dumplings and edamame with a hint of wasabi should try this.

Tongue tickling sweet and tangy spicy starter, the Crispy Lotus Stem, was appetising and a total burst of flavours in the mouth. Thinly sliced lotus stems are deep-fried and tossed in sweet-sour sauces. Loved it!
Avocado Tacos was again a fusion dish which was a bit too tangy for my palate. The beetroot tacos were filled with fresh avocado mash, green tomatoes, and wasabi aioli. Can be missed.

The star dish of my meal was the Artichoke in Red Curry. The punch of basil and Thai flavours in the red curry was just bang on! one of the finest curries I had. The artichoke was star element which elevated the taste to next level. Paired with well cooked Jasmine Rice, this dish combination is Highly Recommended!
Desserts were unique too. Snicker cake was dense, rich and crunchy with loads of chocolate and nuts. Loved the coconut dumpling with date syrup. Bite-sized dumplings were filled with delightful grated coconut and drizzled with dates syrup. The concoction was just perfect.
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