Healthy and Delicious Breakfast at Kalinga Veg Gourmet Kitchen! — Reviewed!

Kalinga Veg Gourmet Kitchen, located in Erandwane, has quickly gained popularity and love because of the scrumptious 'Gourmet' food. I visit them frequently and glad to know they have recently introduced the A La Carte Desi-Videshi Healthy Breakfast menu which starts at 8 in the morning.

As I say healthy, it is nutritious yet delicious. From Pancakes to Waffles to Muffins to Multigrain Dosa to Oats Idli, the breakfast menu looks quite interesting. I tried the following....
  • Multigrain Dosa (4.5/5)
  • Popeye Muffin (4/5)
  • Granola Crunch Bowl (4/5)
  • Powerhouse Waffles (4.5/5)
  • Classic Pancakes (4/5)
  • Filter Coffee (4/5)
The fantastic blend of Ragi, Pearl Millet, Sorghum, Green Gram, White Lentils and Caraway Seeds not only makes a Multigrain Dosa (Rs.200) wholesome but also delectable. To make it even nourishing, the crisp dosa is cooked in ghee and served with multiple delicious, tangy, sweet and spicy chutneys. All of them were equally delicious but my favourite was Onion, Ginger one and Molahapodi mixed with ghee.

Listed under Muffin Sandwich on the menu, the savoury Popeye (Rs.200) Muffin was lip-smacking. The generous spinach and corn filling with tomato slices were sandwiched between the bread was served with the portion of fresh salad. I loved it!

Out of the many delicious bowls like Fruit Bowl, Overnight Bircher Muesli, Nutty Banana Oatmeal, I was quite excited to try the Granola Crunch Bowl (Rs.200). Tangy, Sweet whipped Greek yogurt was topped with toasted nuts, granola, and seasonal fruit. I wish it had more of fruits.

The most delectable dish which I tried from the menu was the Powerhouse Waffles (Rs.200). The flavoured soft yet crisp waffles were topped with the power-packed avocados, grilled tomatoes, cheese sauce, chia seeds and black peppers. This was very much filling. With each bite, there is the burst of flavours in your mouth. Highly Recommended!

Last but not least was the Classic Pancakes (Rs.175). Basic flavoured pancakes were drizzled with butter, honey and topped with whipped cream. Since they were eggless, don't expect the usual fluffiness. Pancakes were nicely cooked though. One can also try the Banoffee or Belgian Chocolate if you want to try sweet ones.

Concluded our meal with the favourite Filter Coffee served with cookies.