Level 5 Bistro and Bar – European feel in Kothrud! — Reviewed!

Level 5 Bistro and Bar is an upscale casual bistro inspired by classic European cuisines menu curated by the talented Chef Amit Puri. Located on the 5th floor of the same building and same management as Kalinga Veg Gourmet Kitchen, the multi-storied building is a one-stop solution for the families, friends who might want to try unconventional food. The elevator takes you to Level 5 from the parking itself.

Quite contrasting to the Kalinga Veg Gourmet, the Level 5 Bistro transports you to an opulent and plush bistro in Europe. Wooden cosy high-tables and chairs, classic frames, contemporary ceiling lights, wood-fired pizza oven, lit bar are some of the attributes of the place.

Choose your poison from Vodka, Gin, Whiskey based cocktails and pair it with the scrumptious small bites. The Menu varies from Soups to Salads, Pasta, Pizza, Small Bites, and Desserts. Some of the offbeat veg dishes which caught my attention were Brule Figs and Burrata Salad, Grilled Polenta, Curry Peel and Dip, Cheese Dough Balls, Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Pasta, and Flourless Lasagne. The ones which we sampled were...
  • Caramalized Onion Soup (4/5)
  • Rippini Salad (4.5/5)
  • Grilled Polenta (4.5/5)
  • Broccoli and Almond Quiche (4/5)
  • Roast Veg Pizza (5/5)
  • Verdure Pasta (4.5/5)
  • Panna Cotta (4.5/5)
Started our meal with the hearty Caramelized Onion Soup (Rs.175) for the soul in winters. Slow cooked onions with red wine in vegetable broth were topped with generously cheesy thyme bread. The onions were rich and tender and the herb bread added to the texture. Loved it.

Rippini Salad (Rs.300) was up next. The best part of the salad? A surprising element of the Slow Roasted sweet peppers rolled with cream cheese mousse! Awesomely scrumptious it was. Roasted pistachio, arugula for the crunch and the balsamic dressing for the flavour. Loved how the overall combination of ingredients came out really well. The portion size was good too.

Classic Italian Dish, Grilled Polenta (Rs.250), was served next. Prepared with boiled cornmeal, it is grilled and cut in shape of choice. At Level 5 Bistro, the twice cooked Polenta was topped with warm tomato ragout with crushed olive, capers, basil and chilli oil. A burst of flavours in the mouth and I am sure you would not want to miss it! Worth every bit. Highly Recommended!

From the small bites, we tried Broccoli and Almond Quiche (Rs.250). The flaky tart was made with pastry sheets to give it a layered texture. A generous filling of creamy Broccoli and Almond made it quite rich and filling. Mini quiches were a delight!

The star of the lunch meal was the Roast Veg Pizza (Rs.375). Wafer thin crust pizza was loaded with roasted exotic veggies like broccoli, zucchini, sun dried tomatoes finished with the drizzle of pesto. The super delicious pesto elevated the taste to the next level. The smokey flavour is worth mentioning. At first look, it seems you won't be able to finish but it is wiped out in no time without getting heavy on the tummy. Highly Recommended!

Verdure Pasta (Rs.350) was served next. Verdure means green or vegetarian hence this Fettuccine pasta was laden with artichoke, broccoli, zucchini, grilled asparagus, mushrooms and tossed in lemon-scented cherry tomato sauce. It not only looked delicious but was a filling meal in itself. The garlic bread on the side was equally scrumptious.

Finished our meal with the sinful Panna Cotta (Rs.200). Visually appealing colorful Panna Cotta was drizzled with potent golden caramel along with berry compote and coffee crumble. The rich, silky and perfectly light dessert was the best way to wind up our hearty meal and chats.

I would suggest however to add more veg dishes to the main course and a few more additions to the dessert would pull more crowd. Wishing Level 5 bistro and bar a wonderful response and love.

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