Vada Pav - Monsoon Treat!

Did you know? Vada Pav is the native to the Maharashtra State of India. 

This vegetarian deep-fried snack is mostly eaten as breakfast or relished during tea-time. Vada Pav is a monsoon delicacy which is available at almost every eatery be it restaurant or stalls in Maharashtra.

Vada Pav - Monsoon Treat
Vada Pav is basically Boiled Potatoes patty spiced with garlic, batter fried (Vada) served with local bread - Pao along with deep fried green chillies and groundnut chutneys. It is sort of a burger. Vada Pav is supposed to be the most affordable, delicious and filling street food. Mumbaikars (People living in Mumbai) start their day with a Vada pav and sometimes end too with it. Vada Pav is a go-to-meal for most people. Now, Vada Pav is easily available in major Indian cities. 

Have you tried it, yet? If yes, then where and if not, then do try it. :)