World Burger Tour 2016 – Hard Rock Cafe, Pune — Reviewed!

Hard Rock Café is not only mine but everyone's super favourite place. Its music, food, ambience defines it all. I had attended their Mexican Food Festival and was floored away by the food and the vibe there.

This time they have come up again with the World Burger Tour with a menu showcasing Local Legendary™ burgers from all over the world. Lebanese Veg Burger, Istanbul Kafta Chicken Burger, Italian Chicken Burger, Indian Tandoori Chicken Burger are some of the most popular on the menu among others which will go well with cocktails like El Matador, Citrus Summer Shandy, Melon Palooza, Crisp Sipper, Watermelon Hoedown to name a few. Best part is one can get the same in mocktail also on request. :) Happy me!

Have a huge appetite? If yes, go for the Burgerthon – an inter-cafe pan India burger challenge testing you on your burger - gobbling skills, fastest one win, offcourse the burger is on them! Simple! Bring along your friends and family and try the challenge. It would be fun. Hitting the chart high was the record time of 47 sec. Like, seriously! I tell you, looking at the size of the burger, I quit..:P

Out of 160 local burgers which were evaluated by the culinary team of Hard Rock, only few made it to the World Burger Tour menu and believe me each burger had a distinct flavour and uniqueness. There is no need to wander for our favourite regional burger, now we know where to head throughout June and July! ;-)

Below is the menu for World Burger tour, quite a balance of Veg and Non-Veg. Each burger was served with Crispy crusted fries, served with the choice of garlic aioli or chimichurri mayo or sweet chilli dip. My favourite being Chimichurri.

Istanbul Kafta Chicken Burger: Shawarma spice infused chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, garlic hummus aioli, kafta spiced onion, mushroom, peppers & creamy feta crumble.
Italian Chicken Burger: Fresh herbs infused chicken burger patty, Italian relish, golden panko crusted Cheddar cheese & spicy tangy sun dried tomato aioli.
Indian Tandoori Chicken Burger: Succulent & tandoor spiced chicken burger, lettuce, tomato, topped with melted Cheddar cheese, cucumber plank & mint mayo.
Miami Cuban Burger: Cuban spice infused meat patty, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese & crispy spiced onions

Here comes my favourite veg burgers..
Mexican Quesadilla Veg Burger: Smooth fusion burger of polenta (maize flour), spices, sweet corn, beans & vegetables flavored with tangy enchilada salsa, Swiss cheese, avocado & nacho straws. All in one burger- Spicy, tangy and delicious. Mexican patty was grilled to perfection.

Mediterranean Veg Burger came next with mediterranean vegetables & spices infused grilled burger, laced with spicy mango aioli, cheddar cheese & fresh spinach slaw. It had good amount of health quotient! Loved!

Lebanese Veg Burger: The only burger with deep fried patty. Falafel veg burger infused with Lebanese spice, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, hummus sauce, veg pickle & Cheddar cheese. It was crispy, crunchy along with balanced flavours.

Caribbean Veg Burger: Healthy addition to this burger was topped quinoa and sunflower seeds. Spiced grilled patty made with veggies and brown lentil was a star.

Hard Rock Cafe also offers cocktails that perfectly pair with the World Burger Tour menu. New cocktails include:
Bombs away Limona Bomb: Chilled Bacardi lime & beer
Skittles Bomb: Bacardi orange, cherry, lime & Red Bull
jager Bomb: Jager meister & Red Bull

El Matador: Fresh strawberry, basil leaves, Bacardi rum & fresh lime juice topped with beer.
All Jacked up: This killer combo of Jim Beam Whiskey, Captain Morgan’s spiced rum & honey mixed with pineapple juice and lime juice will give you that extra kick your night deserves!
Watermelon Hoedown: Vodka, watermelon juice, lemonade & topped with beer
Hangman's Blood: Dark rum, whiskey, brandy, gin,red wine, sweet & sour mix topped with beer.
Crisp Sipper: A refreshing crisp blend of gin, cucumber syrup, tonic water, fresh cucumber, maraschino cherries, orange & lime with a touch of Rosemary & Thyme.
Melonpalooza: Bacardi rum, coconut rum, Midori Melon Liqueur, pineapple juice and sweet & Sour – your little slice of paradise
Citrus Summer Shandy: Bacardi orange, fresh orange, passion fruit syrup, lemonade & beer
Sweet and Fiery: Pepper Vodka, Ginger syrup, Blue Curacao, Hard Rock Lemonade, ginger syrup &beer topped with a red pepper for those who crave that spice in their life.

Obviously, I had three oh-so-wow mocktails
Hangman's Blood - Refreshing drink with berries, coolers and ice.
Melonpalooza - Loved the fruity flavour and fresh melon slice to top it.
Crisp Sipper - An attractive blue cooler with curacao syrup, ginger and lemonade. The ginger was balancing the flavour and its after taste was something lasting.

Pair your favourite drink with lip-smacking legendary burgers only at Hard Rock Cafe. Do not forget, the fest in on till 31st July 2016 only. Enjoy few more photos by the time! :)