Miyuki – Japanese food at DoubleTree by Hilton — Reviewed!

Japanese restaurants are hard to find in Pune and as we all are aware eating Japanese food requires an acquired taste. Some might love it and some just don't even want to try. First thing that pops in our mind, when we talk about Japanese food, is Sushi. But there are so many delicacies which we often miss! Few of them are Udon, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Sashimis, Tea, Pickles etc.

I always love to explore and learn new cuisines. Japanese is one of them! So, this time my cravings to eat something authentic, took me to Miyuki, a speciality restaurant at DoubleTree by Hilton, Chinchwad. Not to forget their Indian speciality Level 12, the rooftop restaurant.The 7-seater restaurant, Miyuki, is on the ground floor of the hotel. Nice, small, cosy, private space for people to enjoy scrumptious food. Walls are beautifully adorned by original Japanese paintings, and also there are Japanese dolls and fans to give Miyuki a very traditional feel. Everything from menu, interiors, crockery will transport you to Japan. Enjoy the meal with chopsticks, if possible. It is fun to learn new things! :)

Menu is quite extensive ranging from Appetisers, Soups, Salads, Sushis, Sashimis, Japanese Course meals, Noodles, Tempuras, Ramens, Rice, Desserts and more. We started with the appetizer platter, Chef Nirmal, presented it beautifully so that we can taste most in one. The platter had Truffle flavoured Edmame, Hiya Yakko or Chilled Kinu Tofu, Mayoshi/Beans Sprouts Salad and Horenso Gomae/Spinach in sesame dressing. Trust me, it was quite scrumptious especially the smooth and fresh tofu.

Next was the assorted Sushis, it had Hosomaki i.e the thin style cucumber roll, Vegetable cucumber roll, Nigiri Sushi with Okra and Yellow Bell pepper served with pickled ginger and wasabi. Loved the platter! Nicely presented with subtle flavoured preparation. Veg. cucumber roll was delish. A must try!

Yasai Tempura was to die for! Loved the crispy fried seasonal veggies along with green tea salt (matcha shio).

To our surprise, Chef Nirmal came up with the set meal platter for the main course. It had Yasai Itame, Yasai Salad, Miso Shiro, Gohan set. Yasai Itame or the sauteed vegetables with sweet soya sauce was perfectly made. Just the perfect for your palette was the chef selected fresh vegetable salad. Warm white Miso Shiro is what you require for a winter evening. Loved it!

I never thought how Japanese dessert would look like. I just wanted it to be a surprise and ta da! I was super excited to try the Matcha or Green Tea flavoured Cheese Cake. It just had a hint of green tea along with the right amount of sweetness. Just melt in mouth. So pretty, it looked! Recommended!

Guys, who are looking for authentic Japanese food, Miyuki is the place for you. Go, grab your table, enjoy the space and the food.
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  2. The conventional cooking of Japan (和食 washoku) depends on rice with miso soup and different dishes; there is an accentuation on regular fixings. Side dishes regularly comprise of fish, salted vegetables, and vegetables cooked in juices. Fish is normal, regularly barbecued, yet in addition served crude as sashimi or in sushi.


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